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or mine·a·ble  (mī′nə-bəl)
Capable of being mined: a minable seam of gold.
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It was, I know, a night and a day, but to me it seemed--it seems now--an inter- minable length of time.
UGRC drilling in the Ogee zone further defined the second longhole stope for engineering design as well as confirmed a sparsely drilled area along the eastern margin of the minable reserves.
Le plus grave est qu'on refuse de donner une prime qui est en elle-meme minable [beaucoup plus grand que] dira le capitaine ivoirien, Stephane Konate, a l'ABC.
Le ministre des Affaires etrangeres et de la cooperation, Salaheddine Mezouar, n'aurait pas ete mieux inspire lorsqu'il a utilise l'adjectif minable pour qualifier la position du pouvoir algerien vis-a-vis du Maroc dans la question du Sahara.
Moreover, the Company had made an announcement in June 2012 on a first minable reserve at Gedabek with overall 20,312,879 tonnes at 1.
Commenting on the results, Steve Sharpe, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company said, "We are delighted with the initial drill results from our Babjak target which prove that significant grades across minable widths exist within the mineralized zones and indicate continuity of the mineralization to at least 150 meters vertical depth.
At least this was what I believed, until I read yet another of those inter minable 'scientific studies' at the weekend.
With prices skyrocketing, shortages are feared--especially in Japan, which lacks minable deposits of these elements.
The Misikitew will be used for the five minable coal seams which stretch south from Wabamun Lake and make up the Highvale Mine, Canada's largest surface strip coal mine.
An ore reserve is the economically minable part of an indicated or measured mineral resource under reasonable financial and technical assumptions as of the date of reporting the ore reserve).