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An elevated platform near the mihrab in a mosque, from which the sermon is delivered during services.

[Arabic, probably from Ge'ez manbar, seat, pulpit, or mənbār, seat, throne, both from nabara, to sit; see nbr in Semitic roots.]
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On November 3, Israeli army forces shut down the headquarters of local radio station Minbar al-Hurriya in Hebron , also for a period of six months, and threatned to demolish the building if any of the radios staff attempts to enter it.
Ten of them were accused of stepping on the Minbar without permission, while another was accused of blocking the mosque's Imam from preaching in Al-Montaza district.
The historic minbar (pulpit) Salahuddin was reduced to ashes; indeed, the whole mosque would have been destroyed if it wasn't for the Muslim and Christian Palestinians who went to Jerusalem from all over the
Inside, the walls were made from glass, the mosaic tiles are also glass and gold in colour, and its minbar was made from the same marble as the mosque's external dome, with wooden decorations, mosaic tiles and a copper crescent.
And last night at the Friday Mosque the judge stood to deliver a lecture from the minbar (pulpit)" (Aufi, 1: 151).
Al Wefaq, the largest society, had 17 lawmakers, all Shiite men, while the other two Sunni societies, Al Asala, with its Salafi ideology, had eight and the Islamic Minbar had seven.
Some of the soldiers then proceeded to walk around into the mosque, in the area where the mihrab and minbar [pulpit] are located, in their army boots.
Salim Al Hajry, senior manager, traffic, Minbar Al Khaleej (MKS), representing Rotana Jet in Oman, said that the UAE-based carrier will now operate four flights a week to Abu Dhabi.
beaucoup moins que] C'est la premiere fois que les policiers entrent aussi loin dans la mosquee et s'approchent d'aussi pres du minbar [beaucoup plus grand que], a declare cet ancien responsable de la fondation islamique qui gere l'esplanade.
MIDDLE Eastern film Stairway to Heaven: Rebuilding the Minbar of Saladin will be screened later this month in the beautiful setting of La Fontaine Centre of Contemporary Arts.
The mosque was built with only one dome on its roof, which now lies above the Minbar and Mihrab (the north-western side of the mosque).
Muslim) Abdullah Ibn Abbas said, "I heard Umar Ibn Khattab say on the minbar, the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: "Don't over exaggerate with me as the Christians over exaggerated with Ibn Maryam (peace be upon her).