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An elevated platform near the mihrab in a mosque, from which the sermon is delivered during services.

[Arabic, probably from Ge'ez manbar, seat, pulpit, or mənbār, seat, throne, both from nabara, to sit; see nbr in Semitic roots.]
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Y sont ainsi exposes d'antiques minbars, ces chaires a precher lors des prieres du vendredi, des pyxides en ceramique, de superbes soieries, de tres rares manuscrits aux calligraphies enluminees, des embellissements d'architecture, de venerables elements de mobilier, et d'autres joyaux du passe glorieux du Royaume.
Tashfin, 'Abd Allah lists the deeds the sultan had undertaken in the name of the caliph, such as waging jihad against the Christians in al-Andalus, minting gold and silver coins of high quality, recognizing the caliph, and pronouncing the khutba in his name from the minbars of 2,500 mosques.
The Medieval Morocco exhibition displays very symbolic items as minbars (where the preacher stands) and bell lamps of the Al Qarawiyyin mosque which were lent by the Kingdom.
Last month a study titled "To Whom do Minbars Belong Today?
Some of Old Cairo's historic sites had been closed to prevent theft, and at one of the mosques the caretaker showed us the holes in the minbars where the ivory inlays had been plucked out.
We acted immediately and undertook practical steps to implement His Majesty's directives and ensure Mosque minbars ( pulpits) become beacons of faith, piety, tolerance, unity, construction and development", Shaikh Salman said.