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v. minced, minc·ing, minc·es
a. To cut or chop into very small pieces.
b. To subdivide (land, for example) into minute parts.
2. To pronounce in an affected way, as with studied elegance and refinement.
3. To moderate, restrain, or euphemize (words) for the sake of politeness and decorum: Don't mince words: say what you mean.
1. To walk with very short steps or with exaggerated primness.
2. To speak in an affected way.
Finely chopped food, especially mincemeat.

[Middle English mincen, from Old French mincier, from Vulgar Latin *minūtiāre, from Latin minūtia, smallness; see minutia.]

minc′er n.


meatklein gehackt; onionklein geschnitten
(Brit inf: = drunk) → hackedicht (inf)
References in classic literature ?
That office consists in mincing the horse-pieces of blubber for the pots; an operation which is conducted at a curious wooden horse, planted endwise against the bulwarks, and with a capacious tub beneath it, into which the minced pieces drop, fast as the sheets from a rapt orator's desk.
Bob Sawyer sat together in the little surgery behind the shop, discussing minced veal and future prospects, when the discourse, not unnaturally, turned upon the practice acquired by Bob the aforesaid, and his present chances of deriving a competent independence from the honourable profession to which he had devoted himself.
Ben Allen, holding his plate for some more minced veal.
Ben Allen, setting his teeth together, and speaking more like a savage warrior who fed on raw wolf's flesh which he carved with his fingers, than a peaceable young gentleman who ate minced veal with a knife and fork--'I wish I knew whether any rascal really has been tampering with her, and attempting to engage her affections.
Benjamin Allen; and while the boy in the gray livery, marvelling at the unwonted prolongation of the dinner, cast an anxious look, from time to time, towards the glass door, distracted by inward misgivings regarding the amount of minced veal which would be ultimately reserved for his individual cravings; there rolled soberly on through the streets of Bristol, a private fly, painted of a sad green colour, drawn by a chubby sort of brown horse, and driven by a surly-looking man with his legs dressed like the legs of a groom, and his body attired in the coat of a coachman.
pie of the most delicate and tender mouse minced up with bacon.
I did not remember that I had minced it up so fine; I suppose this is a quicker oven than my own.
With an alacrity beyond the common impulse of a spirit which yet was never indifferent to the credit of doing every thing well and attentively, with the real goodwill of a mind delighted with its own ideas, did she then do all the honours of the meal, and help and recommend the minced chicken and scalloped oysters, with an urgency which she knew would be acceptable to the early hours and civil scruples of their guests.
And they must be coped with to some extent, because they all enclose documents (they call their scraps documents; but they are, as to papers deserving the name, what minced veal is to a calf), the non-return of which would be their ruin.
1 THE first mince pies actually used to contain minced meat.
Curried lamb mince spaghetti Serves 4-5 | 400g lamb mince | 250g tinned chickpeas, drained | 2 large onions, thinly spiced | 2 large cloves garlic, minced | Grated ginger | 375g tinned chopped tomatoes | 500ml lamb stock | 3 tbsp.
A spokeswoman for Morrisons last night said the chain had no plans to tag minced beef.