mind games

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mind games

pl n
(Psychology) actions or statements intended to undermine or mislead someone else, often to gain advantage for oneself: she started playing mind games with me.

mind′ games`

psychological manipulation or strategy.

Also, mind′ game`.

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Mind Games, Lennon's 1973 solo album, is signed by the Liverpool legend, shot dead in New York in 1980.
BILLY Vunipola enjoys Warren Gatland's mind games and insists they will not distract England from the task of putting one foot in the World Cup quarter-finals.
Welsh coach Gatland loves playing mind games and has had several pops at England over the years.
The experienced Sunderland defender has laughed off the pre-match mind games employed by Scotland players this week.
London, July 18 ( ANI ): Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has said that he is not trying to employ mind games against his teammate Nico Rosberg as both battle for the Formula One championship.
Chris Longden launched her novel Mind Games and Ministers and gave people a sneak preview of the town's new Coffee Mill.
MOTORSPORT Ian Parkes JENSON Button does not believe Nico Rosberg will fall prey to Lewis Hamilton's mind games this season.
Nico is intelligent to know if Lewis is playing mind games or not.
FORFAR boss Dick Campbell is ready to play mind games with pal Ally McCoist tonight as he tries to spoil Rangers' bid to make history.
Even if you don't play mind games with an opponent, you need to know how you are affected by teasing, tricks and temptations to improve your own game
The Scot claimed he has never consciously engaged in mind games.
MIND Games, the sire of last season's Prix de l'Abbaye winner Tangerine Trees, died in his paddock at Bearstone Stud yesterday.