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1. Producing distorted perceptions; hallucinogenic: a mind-altering drug.
2. Causing a lasting change in perspective or thought; life-altering: The summer I spent working on a ship was a mind-altering experience.


producing mood changes in a person


causing marked changes in patterns of mood, perception, and behavior, as a hallucinogenic drug.
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Adj.1.mind-altering - producing mood changes or distorted perceptionmind-altering - producing mood changes or distorted perception; "hallucinogenic drugs are mind-altering substances"
psychoactive, psychotropic - affecting the mind or mood or other mental processes; "psychoactive drugs"
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The only requirement for membership is the desire to stop using cocaine and all other mind-altering substances.
The Oireachtas Committees on Health and Justice are looking at ways to curb the use of these stimulants or mind-altering substances that are not yet legally banned.
of possessing and smuggling mind-altering substances despite having contended in court that he had been framed.
The defendant has been convicted of forgery, impersonation, using forged documents and possessing and consuming mind-altering substances.
Last year there were 50 million prescriptions written for mind-altering drugs, so what chance the wildlife?
Court documents show that the men, aged between 30 and 32, were using a mind-altering substance known as Dextrobrobeksvin.
He also explains how Tetris is so moreish that one writer once described it as a 'pharmatronic' - an electronic with all the mind-altering properties of a drug - with the Tetris Effect leaving players seeing falling shapes in their mind's eye even after they've finished playing.
Though books - however mind-altering don't quite qualify as a drug.
Whoever it was at Sainsbury's who gave the thumbs up to a Christmas film showing a goose's neck being broken under an axe must have been on mind-altering drugs or wanted early retirement.
We simply cannot have people involved in making decisions which affect our lives and the welfare of the country on a daily basis while some of them could be indulging in illegal, mind-altering substances.
Tests show the victims' stomachs contained dextromethorphan, a synthetic morphine derivative used in cough syrup that can have mind-altering effects if consumed in large quantities.
ON a programme looking at the effects of a mind-altering drug, it might not have been wise for Jon Snow to wear such a brightly coloured tie.