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a. Lacking intelligence or good sense; foolish.
b. Having no intelligent purpose, meaning, or direction: mindless violence.
2. Giving or showing little attention or care; heedless: mindless of the dangers.

mind′less·ly adv.
mind′less·ness n.
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Noun1.mindlessness - total lack of meaning or ideasmindlessness - total lack of meaning or ideas  
meaninglessness - the quality of having no value or significance; "he resented the meaninglessness of the tasks they assigned him"
2.mindlessness - the trait of acting rashly and without prudencemindlessness - the trait of acting rashly and without prudence
imprudence - a lack of caution in practical affairs
lightheadedness - a frivolous lack of prudence
عَدَم إنْتِباه


the power by which one thinks etc; the intelligence or understanding. The child already has the mind of an adult.
1. to look after or supervise (eg a child). mind the baby.
2. to be upset by; to object to. You must try not to mind when he criticizes your work.
3. to be careful of. Mind (= be careful not to trip over) the step!
4. to pay attention to or obey. You should mind your parents' words/advice.
be careful!. Mind! There's a car coming!
-minded having a (certain type of) mind, as in narrow-minded, *like-minded
mindful (with of) adjective
(formal) aware (of); paying attention (to). to be mindful of their needs; Mindful of the dangers, he proceeded with caution.
ˈmindless adjective
stupid and senseless. mindless violence.
ˈmindlessly adverb
ˈmindlessness noun
ˈmindreader noun
a person who claims to know other people's thoughts.
at/in the back of one's mind
being vaguely aware of something; deep inside. In the back of her mind she knew she couldn't trust him.
change one's mindchangebe out of one's mind
to be mad. He must be out of his mind!
do you mind!
used to show annoyance, stop someone doing something etc. Do you mind! That's my foot you're standing on!
have a good mind to
to feel very much inclined to (do something). I've a good mind to tell your father what a naughty girl you are!
have (half) a mind to
to feel (slightly) inclined to (do something). I've half a mind to take my holidays in winter this year.
in one's mind's eye
in one's imagination. If you try hard, you can see the room in your mind's eye.
in one's right mind
sane. No-one in his right mind would behave like that.
keep one's mind on
to give all one's attention to. Keep your mind on what you're doing!
know one's own mind
(usually in negative) to know what one really thinks, wants to do etc. She doesn't know her own mind yet about abortion.
make up one's mind
to decide. They've made up their minds to stay in Africa.
mind one's own business
to attend to one's own affairs, not interfering in other people's. Go away and mind your own business!
never mind
don't bother; it's all right. Never mind, I'll do it myself.
on one's mind
making one anxious, worried etc. She has a lot on her mind.
put (someone) in mind of
to remind (someone) of. This place puts me in mind of a book I once read.
speak one's mind
to say frankly what one means or thinks. You must allow me to speak my mind.
take/keep one's mind off
to turn one's attention from; to prevent one from thinking about. A good holiday will take your mind off your troubles.
to my mind
in my opinion. To my mind, you're better off working here than in most other places.
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For example, Oliver refers to Admiral Rickover's "adversaries" as "attacking with the viciousness and mindlessness of a pack of stray dogs.
I laugh at life," she explains, citing the mindlessness she often observes in some humans.
Well-removed from such macho mindlessness, Goff writes: "My experience of war is that war, as a practice, does not inculcate honor as often as hatred, hostility, cruelty, and the fragmentation of the soldier's personality Bad soldiers do not make war a bad thing.
For similar mindlessness, check out the appalling internet abuse directed at Anwen Hayward, the young woman who wrote a brilliant, heartfelt and witty email to New Adventure Travel, the company who thought tasteless sexual innuendo is an acceptable way to sell bus tickets in Cardiff.
Anti gay marriage activist Paddy Manning said: "In all my years of political activism I have never witnessed such an act of mindlessness or a scene so distressing.
It's utterly ridiculous and caused by the mindlessness of individuals who are starting fires and don't realise the consequences of their actions and the pressure they are putting on emergency services.
We are sickened by the mindlessness and ferocity of this attack on TSA officers.
In today's culture of continuous multi-tasking, general mindlessness and celebrated busyness, mental skills such as these can be tremendously beneficial for distracted and overextended musicians.
However, he emphasizes how mindlessness is usually detrimental to a relationship (such as not listening to one's spouse), but some kinds of mindlessness can be beneficial (in the form of a "muscle memory" action such as mopping the kitchen floor without thinking about it, resulting in one's spouse later appreciating the "thoughtful gesture").
Unfortunately, it's only for humor's sake because "Sunset Overdrive'' never attempts to overcome its own mindlessness as it simultaneously skewers and celebrates so-called gamer culture.
These are just some of the many examples of mindlessness that we may experience throughout the day, where our system operates on auto pilot because the captain of the ship is busy mentally entertaining guests such as worry, fear, anxiety, insecurity and other thinking traps that either pull us too long into the past or future, robbing us of the present.
Here we have intelligence: this is what was needed to avert the slaughter of the 1990s, the emergence of sects, the collective mindlessness and the transformation of Algeria into a free zone for tele-sheikhs and preachers of evil and hatred," Daoud opines.