mine run

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Adj.1.mine run - not special in any waymine run - not special in any way; "run-of-the-mill boxing"; "your run-of-the-mine college graduate"; "a unexceptional an incident as can be found in a lawyer's career"
ordinary - not exceptional in any way especially in quality or ability or size or degree; "ordinary everyday objects"; "ordinary decency"; "an ordinary day"; "an ordinary wine"
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ZONGULDAK (CyHAN)- A fire broke out at a mine run by Turkish Hard Coal Enterprises (TTK) in the northern province of Zonguldak on Wednesday.
Another 52 were injured in the disaster in the mine run by the state-owned Fuxin Coal Corporation in Liaoning province in the north-east.
I love to see any horse of mine run as I totally love horseracing," he said.
A trade union leader was shot dead near a mine run by platinum producer Lonmin.
President Zuma is under fire for failing to address and contain the rolling workers' protests, which in mid-August led to the killing of 34 strikers by police at the Marikana platinum mine run by Lonmin.
About 3,000 people gathered on a hill near the mine run by London-listed Lonmin, many of them carrying sticks, machetes and metal bars.
At least seven people have been killed in violent attacks during a long workers strike at a giant gold and copper mine run by US company Freeport McMoRan.
Three blasts occurred in a mine run by the state-owned Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation (PMDC) in Surran Range, some 35 kilometres (22 miles) east of the provincial capital, Quetta, on Sunday.
The incident took place in a mine run by state-owned Pakistan Mineral
Pyramiden in Arctic Norwegian Svalbard was a coal mine run by a Soviet company for some 50 years.
Authorities are investigating the deadly incident at the mine run by Hongda Red Star Mining Co.
In the wake of the April 5 explosion that killed 29 people in a mine run by Massey Energy, the king's throne has shown signs of tottering.