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Variant of minable.
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2010 shows a 32% increase in measured and indicated mineable gold and 40% in potentially mineable deposits at Toroparu, a release said.
2 billion tons of economically mineable ore, with an average copper grade of 0.
Beginning about 2002-2003, prices for mineable commodities--especially metals like copper, silver and gold--began to firm, and then surged in 2004 and continued into 2006.
In the news release, Coeur Reports Second Quarter 2004 and First Six Months Financial Results, issued earlier today by Coeur d'Alene Mines Corporation over PR Newswire, we are advised by the company that the 23rd graph, third sentence, should read "Surface mineable targets range from 40,000 to over 1,800,000 tons grading 0.
Upon completion of the initial drilling and metallurgical test work program, Aurelio will commission an independent third-party calculation of mineral resources and mineable reserves at the Courtland and MAN copper projects as part of a larger pre-feasibility study of the two deposits.
A unique feature of this particular project is that slant-hole drilling also will be used to drain coalbed methane simultaneously from a mineable coal seam overlying the unmineable seams.
If approved, the underground evaluation program should enable us to better analyze thicknesses of the mineable zones and compare alternative mining methods.
The North Briggs deposit contains 152,170 ounces in mineable reserves (at a $300/oz gold price), with an average grade of 0.
The reserves also include approximately 27 million tons of compliance grade deep mineable steam coal and approximately 21 million tons of deep mineable high volatile metallurgical coal.
28 /CNW-PRN/ - In reference to the news release issued today, the Vancouver Stock Exchange has requested clarification of the statement ``Overall, the results confirm the existence of a world class, mineable, oxide orebody in Mexico which is of unusually high grade for this type of epithermal gold deposit.
The company believes this area shows characteristics that could lead to future definition of a high grade underground mineable vein controlled gold system or an area of disseminated gold values that could be a bulk open pit minable gold deposit or perhaps both.
The mineable reserve and inferred resource within the designed open pit, reported by Mineral Resources Development Inc.