mineral vein

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Noun1.mineral vein - a layer of ore between layers of rockmineral vein - a layer of ore between layers of rock
bonanza - an especially rich vein of precious ore
geological formation, formation - (geology) the geological features of the earth
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During the 2000s, smaller mining companies like FNX had to be more creative and mined footwall deposits - the rock on the underside of the mineral vein - that had fewer large solid chunks of minerals.
Accurate positioning means users measure the part of the sample that is of interest, such as mineral vein or weld, and having the sample image in the analysis report is often required in industries such as jewellery and for compliance testing.
People can discover lots about bats at Hardwick and listen to the webbed winged creatures with bat detectors, try an 11-mile hard trek across the fells to get the heart racing or a geological exploration of Weardale to explore the wonders of Heights Pasture and the mineral vein at Slitt Wood.
Now, he says, Opportunity is exploring a mysterious mineral vein that might provide even more evidence for warm subsurface processes.
With extralateral rights, a miner can follow a mineral vein beyond the borders of the mining claim for as far as the vein extends.
In strip mining, huge machines tear away all the rock and earth above a mineral vein.
An analysis of the San Miguel vein, the first of four reports to be received, was released on May 18 describing a mineral vein 1,600 meters in length and believed to contain 154,000 kilos of silver, 9,881 tons of tin and 28,758 tons of zinc.
The boron was found in calcium sulfate mineral veins, meaning the boron was present in Mars groundwater, and provides another indication that some of the groundwater in Gale Crater was habitable.
We have known for many decades that rare-earth elements are found in coal seams and near other mineral veins," said Sarma Pisupati, professor of energy and mineral engineering at Penn State.
The manganese oxides were found in mineral veins within a geological setting the Curiosity mission has placed in a timeline of ancient environmental conditions.
1821) Treatise on a section of the strata from Newcastle upon Tyne to the mountain of Cross Fell, in Cumberland; with remarks on mineral veins in general.