miniature golf

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miniature golf

A novelty version of golf played with a putter and golf ball on a miniature course and featuring obstacles such as alleys, bridges, and tunnels.

min′iature golf′

a game modeled on golf and played on a small obstacle course.
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Noun1.miniature golf - a novelty version of golf played with golf balls and putters on a miniature course featuring many obstaclesminiature golf - a novelty version of golf played with golf balls and putters on a miniature course featuring many obstacles
golf, golf game - a game played on a large open course with 9 or 18 holes; the object is use as few strokes as possible in playing all the holes
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The real first for Tampa Bay golf courses is the 18-hole miniature golf course that opens to the public this week at Plantation Palms.
Glow-in-the-dark miniature golf is a family entertainment concept similar to black light or "cosmic'' bowling.
Paul Humphray, of MSIF, and Nick Ashfield, founder of Championship Miniature Golf, at the new course |
on a miniature golf course at Orange Lake Resort, the (http://articles.
They floated the idea of a miniature golf center that would have golf, batting cages, a snack area and plenty of parking.
Miniature golf has long been a popular recreational pastime often associated with family summer vacations.
But before you hit the miniature golf course, study these lessons from physicist Sir Isaac Newton and learn how to sink putts with ease.
Students anxiously count the days to the first day of miniature golf, courtesy of the sixth-grade art classes.
They usually consist of a few sting columns and a marble stump or two, and resemble 1 Re neoclassical hole at a miniature golf course, But Pompeii was my first ruin to live up to its billing as a genuine, intact Roman town--a sprawling site with temples, villas, baths, and long streets.
Adventure of the Seas has a totally rockin' teen scene--ice skating rink, rock climbing Wall, miniature golf course Johnny Rockets diner, swimming Pools, basketball court and Optix nightclub where no adults are allowed
Schedule an outside activity such as bowling, miniature golf, or a spring picnic, Gioia says.
But one day he stood me up to play miniature golf with his friends,' says Sarah.

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