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Noun1.miniaturisation - act of making on a greatly reduced scaleminiaturisation - act of making on a greatly reduced scale
shrinking - the act of becoming less
تَصْغير الحَجْم
miniaturkopijas izgatavošana


(ˈminitʃə) adjective
smaller than normal, often very small. a miniature radio.
1. a very small painting of a person.
2. a copy or model of something, made on a small scale.
miniaturize, miniaturise (ˈminiətʃəraiz) verb
to make something in a (much) smaller size.
miniaturization, miniaturisation (ˌminətʃəraiˈzeiʃn) , ((American) ˌminiətʃuərəˈzeiʃn) noun
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High Density Interconnect (HDI) technology entails miniaturisation of Surface Mounted Device (SMD) pads tracks and microvias which is already available technology for commercial market.
China WLCSP Co Ltd, a provider of wafer level miniaturisation technologies and processes for the electronics industry, has appointed Vage Oganesian as its new senior vice president of strategic development, the company said today.
The emergence of robotics and automated liquid handling requirements is expected to support the use of innovative laboratory automation technology, with enhanced focus on miniaturisation.