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(Computer Science) a small recordable compact disc


® minidisc [ˈmɪnɪdɪsk]
A. N (= system, disc) → MiniDisc ® m, minidisc m
B. CPD MiniDisc > player® N(reproductor m) MiniDisc ® m or minidisc m


[ˈmɪnidɪsk] nminidisc m, minidisque m
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Freddie Waters said he is "disgusted" after an amplifier desk, microphone and minidisc player were stolen from his Mercedes C Class car.
And it emerged the act refused to go on stage because they would only use a specific brand of minidisc player.
The most notable feature of this new generation of SICK/Stegmann encoders is the company's unique MiniDisc (MiDi) technology--the subject of three year's of development and 1.
With my MiniDisc recorder strapped to my waist and my microphone in hand, I was able to describe everything, including the climactic moment of stepping into the tiger's lair--a raised clearing surrounded by trees, like a castle surrounded by a moat of mud.
The trio returned to their home in Mundella Terrace, Heaton, Newcastle, late on Thursday night to find their minidisc player, with 58 new songs they had just finished recording for a new album, had been stolen.
plans to build a new plant to manufacture Blu-ray Discs but discontinue MiniDisc production as part of efforts to realign its optical disc production structure, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported Saturday.
A DRUNKEN burglar kicked a door in and stole a cash card and minidisc player while the occupants of the flat watched in horror.
As recent sales statistics reflect, MiniDisc players are fighting quite a battle with other digital audio players.
With just a bassist, drummer and miniDisc player doing the easy stuff, Har Mar owned the stage during songs such as Brothers and Sisters, Power Lunch and H.
It's claimed that TONY RICHARDSON used force against freelance reporter JAMES FOX at Jennifer's 21st birthday party last week then took his MiniDisc player.
The thugs stole his pounds 250 Sony Minidisc player and wallet containing pounds 75.
They just can't squeeze into sleek new portable MP3 and MiniDisc players.