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(Computer Science) a small recordable compact disc


® minidisc [ˈmɪnɪdɪsk]
A. N (= system, disc) → MiniDisc ® m, minidisc m
B. CPD MiniDisc > player® N(reproductor m) MiniDisc ® m or minidisc m


[ˈmɪnidɪsk] nminidisc m, minidisque m
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I have many minidiscs but I don't record them to my iPod.
MiniDiscs range in price from about $150 to over $1,000 depending on quality and features.
I used to carry round a Bose hi-fi in a flight case with a big bag of cassettes, but my minidisc recorder is smaller than my silver cigarette case and the minidiscs are even smaller.
The risk is that, due to a lack of titles back at the launch of MiniDisc, plus the speed of all the new developments in digital storage units, MiniDiscs have had an uphill struggle to maintain a hold on the portable music market.
I could tell you how wonderful minidiscs are - but that's another diversion altogether).
This player allows consumers to create a portable, cost-effective, digital-quality catalog of their Internet music files on minidiscs instead of taking up valuable PC hard drive space.
The MZ-R70DPC lets you create a portable, cost effective, digital-quality catalog of your Internet music files on MiniDiscs instead of taking up valuable PC hard drive space - all for about 12 cents a song.
The machine - a tiny slab of brushed magnesium alloy that can be covered by my (admittedly large) palm - is barely larger than the Minidiscs it uses to record and play back music.
While the format is still in its infancy in the United States, in Japan minidiscs already account for 30% of blank audio media sales.
While the audio cassette market has been sliding for the past four years, the growth in the market for CDs, minidiscs, video cassettes and movie-use cassettes is booming.
MiniDiscs are about to take off after five years in the waiting.
Today, the company develops, markets and distributes portable and home storage accessories for compact discs, CD-ROMs, cassettes, DVDs, MiniDiscs, portable electronics, desktop ergonomics, PDAs, cameras and camcorders, automotive organization and wireless accessories to customers across the globe.