minié ball

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min·ié ball

 (mĭn′ē, mĭn′ē-ā′)
A conical rifle bullet used in the 1800s and designed with a hollow base that expanded when fired.

[After Claude Étienne Minié (1814?-1879), French army officer.]

Minié ball

(ˈmɪnɪˌeɪ; French miɲe)
(Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) a conical rifle bullet, used in the 19th century, manufactured with a hollow base designed to expand when fired to fit the rifling
[C19: named after Capt C. E. Minié (1814–1879), French army officer who invented it]
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Hornady's 300- and 350-grain FPB bullets are cutting-edge, copper-jacketed, polymer-tipped versions of the classic Minie ball, and feature a big hollow base that expands and grips the rifling when the gunpowder ignites.
58 caliber Minie ball that was used in the gun when it was a muzzle loader.
Incorporating innovative design elements that are a hybrid between a Power Belt and the Minie Ball of the 1860s, Federal's new 350-grain B.
If minie ball or cannon fire had a meaning, We would have had maybe
58 Minie ball, which was accurate out to 500 yards on man-size targets.
I called the "moral calculus" of this eloquent paragraph "outrageous" because I cannot see why a youth from Vermont whose nearest brush with slavery was the cotton in his shirt should be sliced by grapeshot, or why a youth from Tennessee who never owned a slave should be snuffed by a Minie ball.
5 grains of blackpowder and a 403-grain Minie ball type projectile.
She looked round at him with surprise, when a second volley was fired, and a Minie ball whizzing by her, entered the officer's body, and he fell a corpse, against her and then to the ground.
58 caliber Minie Ball was also in a place of rest, in the last game of baseball Durvin Broadmoor would ever play, the line drive still in his glove for the final out.
And on the way back to his position he found the regimental commander with a Minie ball in his left leg, and brought him back to safety, too.
At the Battle of White Oak Swamp Scott was severely wounded in the hip by a Minie ball and was sent to a hospital on Long Island Sound for a long period of recovery.
Howard of the Army of Northern Virginia described the effects of Minie Ball on bone: '.