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tr.v. min·i·mal·ized, min·i·mal·iz·ing, min·i·mal·iz·es
To make minimal.

min′i·mal·i·za′tion (-mə-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
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This survey has show-cased the intradialytic strategies this nurse sample consider significant and which of these are routinely used for IDH minimalization.
In his everyday work he deals with widely understood ecology in architecture, in particular resources conservation, social ecology and minimalization of negative impact of building on environment.
Galperin argues that Austen's early readers were interested in the "errancy" (94) of Austen's novels, or their minimalization of plot as a source of interest.
Objects and images are absorbed through minimalization, leaving out trappings and details, while imparting a feeling of tranquility and gentleness.
The minimalization of the later Ecole de Paris--for example, the work of once-toured painters and writers such as Edouard Pignon and Helene Parmelin, sycophantic Picasso acolytes and propagandists, not to speak of acres of the master's own painting, genius though he may have been--was justified even if predicated on American chauvinism.
The application we point out is to use the matrix we find as a starting point for the minimalization methods (the Levenberg-Marquardt and quasi-Newton are considered as examples) when we search for the regular coupling matrix.
The present study deals with land optimalization in the aquifer basin of Ilam dam for achieving the soil erosion and the sediment minimalization which would result in the stable usage of water and soil resources.
The adaptation mechanism consists of evaluation of adaptation signal (3) and its sequential minimalization by the help Pi-controller (5).
Fast, Kunstbuch, 706f, 713; a similar minimalization of congregational life and worship practices took place in Znaim in Moravia, cf.
The actual Halensee is not as small as Fontane portrays it here, but his minimalization of the lake helps to suggest that the idea of some kind of authentic experience of and immediacy to nature is only a product of marketers and entrepreneurs.
In The Abuse of Holocaust Memory: Distortions and Responses, Gerstenfeld carefully delineates and defines ten different ways in which the memory of the Holocaust/Shoah and its Jewish victims have been both abused and distorted: denial, deflection, de-Judaization, equivalence, inversion, trivialization, justification, promotion, minimalization, and whitewashing.
Adjustment of the retorting process for thermal treatment of oil shale, enhancement of production capacity and reliability, and minimalization of environmental impact--finding solution of these problems extended over V.