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tr.v. min·i·mal·ized, min·i·mal·iz·ing, min·i·mal·iz·es
To make minimal.

min′i·mal·i·za′tion (-mə-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
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Mature companies like Roche and Bayer are reshuffling their diabetes divisions as well as scouting for acquisitions and partnerships to minimalize losses and boost profitability.
Findings of this study suggest that although journalists reach out to non-official sources to aid their reporting, journalists' adherence to longstanding, officially sanctioned problematic models remains: Coverage continues to minimalize the positions of reformist groups and its case-by-case, singular presentation persists.
Historic districts should also have guidelines explaining their key features, to minimalize confusion for owners when they perform alterations or renovations, and most importantly there should be a definitive timeline on the designation process.
With that in mind, your legal team should without fail draft legal agreements that most advantageous for you to match the likely jurisdictions where lawsuits may be filed, and minimalize the shadows cast by state law effects' on your claim to ownership of the trade secrets created in the conduct of your business.
Use of high-performance pad bearing assemblies helps to minimalize the mass of the moving elements in the space-restrictive horizontal planes.
As described in the Committee on Academic Standards and Accreditation (2013), "we must work against narrow conceptions of education and schooling which marginalize or otherwise minimalize the knowledge, culture, and experiences of some populations within our society while privileging others" (p.
The ultimate goal is to develop routines to minimalize the occurrence of secondary insults related to nursing interventions.
One of the drawbacks, however, is that it leads one to minimalize important differences and even misinterpret key doctrines to fit the parallel better.
AFIA's Sellers added, "To show our dedication, industry groups are committing resources and funding to the research effort and will continue to communicate updates to those affected in order to minimalize further effects.
Eksizyonun 1-2 cm genisletilerek yapilmasi lokal rekurrens riskini minimalize eder (3,16,18).
Will critical Qur'an scholarship continue to minimalize the obvious difficulties of reading the Qur'an through the tafsir; will so much of it go on insisting, against mounting evidence, that the sira can provide us with at least a basic chronology on which to rely in reading the Qur'an against the background of the career of the Meccan prophet?
Additionally, outsourcing IT oversight will minimalize disruptions to daily company operations, allowing management to focus on strengthening core business initiatives.