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Of or relating to the strategy in game theory that minimizes the maximum risk for a player.


1. (Mathematics) maths the lowest of a set of maximum values
2. (Statistics) (in game theory, etc) the procedure of choosing the strategy that least benefits the most advantaged member of a group. Compare maximin
[C20: from mini(mum) + max(imum)]
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Paul Parry, 49, of Clawddnewydd near Ruthin, had taken off in the single-engined Team Minimax aircraft to see if an engine fault could be cleared in the air.
The newly launched MiniMax version of the popular Big Green Egg will also be put through its paces at the show.
However, as Brooke moves into his teens he and his family and looking at a step up into the Minimax section for 2015.
As usual, Junior Max featured the name of Rob Ellis at the top of the timesheets, but only on three out of four races on this occasion as heat two gave a glimpse of things to come with Minimax graduate Ethan Ling claiming first place.
Instead of assuming any particular dependence structure, we propose the minimax optimal reinsurance decision formulation in which the worst case scenario is first identified, then we proceed to establish that the stop-loss reinsurances are optimal in the sense that they minimize a general law-invariant convex risk measure of the total retained risk.
Husain: Second-order duality for a minimax programming problem, Opsearch, 28(1991), 249-263.
He covers nonlinear resource allocation, lexicographic minimax and maximin optimizations, substitutable resources, multi-period equitable resource allocation, network resources, and integer decisions.
The cabinet is compatible with Spectronics' MiniMax series of UV lamps, and there is space on the top part of the cabinet to accommodate one or two of these lamps.
The pathology measure used in this paper was first discovered independently by Nau [10] and Beal [1] in the minimax algorithm [17].
Ben, ranked Minimax number four in the UK and Welsh championship, has now moved up to the faster more dangerous Junior Max class.
The forum will house leading technology providers such as Tyco Fire and Security, Advance Air Solution, Fire Eater A/S, Al Jazeera Paints, Jotun, Agnice, City Properties, Prysmian Group, Minimax, Seacor and SensIT Technologies.
Through acquisitions and launches over the years, SCM Group (Italy) now comprises many brands, including: SCM, Celaschi, DMC, MiniMax, Routech, Stefani, Steelmec, CPC, Gabbiani, Morbidelli, SAG, Superfici, Hiteco, Delmac Engineering, Mahros, REM, Sergiani, SCMFonderie, and ES.

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