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Of or relating to the strategy in game theory that minimizes the maximum risk for a player.


1. (Mathematics) maths the lowest of a set of maximum values
2. (Statistics) (in game theory, etc) the procedure of choosing the strategy that least benefits the most advantaged member of a group. Compare maximin
[C20: from mini(mum) + max(imum)]
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Nanochemistry - Apostle MiniMax enables the capture and separation of circulating genetic material at a revolutionary 2X-10X higher efficiency over the conventional technologies;
org/wiki/Minimax) Minimax algorithm ," and it took us about an hour to write a program to do it.
The authors cover combination games, normal play games, impartial games, Hackenbush and Partizan games, Von NeumannAEs minimax theorem, zero-sum matrix games, n-player games, cooperation, and a great many other related subjects.
A generalization to Zalmai type second order univexities and applications to parametric duality models to discrete minimax fractional programming.
Fischer Connectors has launched an even smaller ultra-miniature connector, MiniMax 06, as an extension of its miniature high-density product range, the Fischer MiniMax series
She said: "I'm back in the Scottish Mini Cooper Cup for Minimax Motorsport in 2016 and that gift really made me smile.
The key vendors analyzed in this report are Amerex, BRK, Desautel, Minimax, and Tyco Fire Protection.
Paul Parry, 49, of Clawddnewydd near Ruthin, had taken off in the single-engined Team Minimax aircraft to see if an engine fault could be cleared in the air.
The newly launched MiniMax version of the popular Big Green Egg will also be put through its paces at the show.
With the product range extension, the Fischer MiniMax Series is now available both in 19 and 24 pin configurations.
However, as Brooke moves into his teens he and his family and looking at a step up into the Minimax section for 2015.
12 June 2014 - Pan-European private equity firm IK Investment Partners said today it had agreed to sell its majority stake in German fire protection systems specialist Minimax Viking GmbH to Danish investment company Kirkbi A/S and UK asset manager Intermediate Capital Group Plc (LON:ICP).

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