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Noun1.mining engineer - an engineer concerned with the construction and operation of minesmining engineer - an engineer concerned with the construction and operation of mines
applied scientist, engineer, technologist - a person who uses scientific knowledge to solve practical problems
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Powell, who was a mining engineer by education, stated that we had uncovered over a million dollars worth of ore in a trifle over three months.
Like Trefethan, he was another mining engineer who had cleaned up a fortune in the Klondike.
You say you're a mining engineer,' she said, 'and you know this country.
Not only am I Richard Hamel, mining engineer, but I really have all that reading to do I have spoken about, and I really was looking for a quiet spot to do it in.
He graduated from the Haileybury School of Mines with a mining engineering diploma and from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology as a mining engineer.
He stated that other than the mining manager he is the only other mining engineer present at the mines.
Members of the committee are included: Engineer Mumtaz Ahmed, BSC Mining Engineering, Assistant Professor, Government Polytechnic Institute Balochistan, Engineer Muhammad Arif, BSC Mining Engineer, Inspector of Mines and Barkat Nawab, President Balochistan National Union Workers.
The mining engineer develops and applies methods of finding and recovering metals, minerals and ores from under the earth or the ocean floor.
Sparrowtech") (Pink Sheets:SPMC) is pleased to announce that mining engineer, Randy Clarkson of Whitehorse, Yukon will be visiting the Anderson Creek mining property in the Mayo Mining Division of Yukon within the next two weeks to assist with our due diligence.
Yu said the bill seeks to classify the registration of the practice of mining engineering profession, namely: professional mining engineer, mining engineer and certified foreman.
UK-based editor Peter Darling has had a 30-year career first as a mining engineer and then as a technical writer specializing in mining issues.
Kendall, the mining engineer, said that even built of wood, head frames - the structure that holds a pulley over a mine shaft - could be strong enough to bring up ore from mines up to 300 feet deep.

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