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Noun1.mining geology - the branch of economic geology that deals with the applications of geology to miningmining geology - the branch of economic geology that deals with the applications of geology to mining
economic geology - the branch of geology that deals with economically valuable geological materials
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His experience in exploration and mining geology has been gained in Australia and South Africa.
Others may encourage you to attain a postgraduate qualification in, for example, mining law in relation to health and safety; applied geotechnics; industrial rocks and minerals; mining engineering and mining geology.
A graduate of the University of Tasmania, Mr Drown worked in underground nickel mines at Western Mining Corporation Limited's Kambalda operations in Western Australia, and filled mining geology roles at Aberfoyle Resources Limited's Hellyer lead-zinc-silver deposit in western Tasmania.
Andrews in Scotland, and his Master's Degree in Mining Geology from Camborne School of Mines.
According to the GUtech students, many career possibilities await geosciences students: "You can work in an office or in the field and specialise in geochemistry, hydrogeology, mining geology, petroleum geology, structural geology," said Kawther Al Quraishi.
17, will go toward the construction of a 2,000-square foot gallery that will house new yearly exhibits with a mining geology and earth science focus.
Along the Esk is a guide to the mining geology and industrial archaeology of the valley.
Historical information is widely disseminated and much of the mining geology is unpublished or hard to obtain.
The book commences with a general overview of mining geology, practice and administration and continues with specific sections on the Greek world and the Roman Empire, province by province, finishing up in Roman Britain.
Balagna's substantial experience in exploration and mining geology, he is expected to make a valuable contribution to the progress of the Company and its plans for Fire Creek.
Plimer is currently Professor of Mining Geology at the University of Adelaide.
After graduating from Liverpool University, Mr Williams gained an MSc in mining geology at Camborne School of Mines, Exeter.

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