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A computer cabinet that is about half the height of a cabinet that houses a tower computer.


(Computer Science) a small vertical cabinet storing a computer's CPU and other hardware, such as a DVD writer


(ˈmɪn iˌtaʊ ər)
a vertical case, smaller than a tower and larger than a case for a desktop computer, designed to house a computer system standing on a floor or desk.
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We have a program committed to education to put up a minitower at every school, a minitower in every police station, every first responder's station and in (military camps),' he said.
and supports iOptron's iEQ, CEM, and MiniTower drive heads, as well as the company's ZEQ25 mount (with optional pier extension).
These two models, a minitower and a compact desktop workstation, can handle a wide range of tasks, from typical office work to CAD and CAE(1) applications.
The new OptiPlex 380 family is available in three form factors -- Minitower, Desktop and Small Form Factor -- providing greater flexibility with more form factor options than the HP Compaq dx2400 and the Lenovo ThinkCentre A58.
lt;p>"The Studio XPS 8000 is a great option for the kind of user who needs performance and power without a massive full-size minitower," wrote Lionel Mechaca, a spokesman for Dell in a blog entry.
The minitower product is designed for organizations up to approximately 1,500 Internet users.
The agreement calls for Compaq to provide Deskpro EN Small Form Factor and Configurable Minitower PCs and AP250 and AP550 professional workstations to be deployed in BB&T corporate offices, branches, and several subsidiaries in nine states and the District of Columbia.
The Presario 7000T Series is available in a highly expandable minitower form factor for maximum expandability and customization.
Another new arrival is the Veriton 9100 business minitower, featuring the Intel Pentium 4 processor - today's most powerful video and audio processor specifically designed for the latest web-based media.
In addition, the desktop line, which previously comprised the XD and the XM, the latter being the minitower version, has been augmented with the smaller footprint, NLX form factor versions, MD and CP.
At the core of a new line of desktop, minitower and laptop Apple computers is the new G3 PowerPC chip.
The Dimension E310 desktop, Dell's entry Media Center PC, features a new minitower chassis that supports Microsoft(R) Windows(R) XP Media Center Edition 2005 and an optional TV tuner(1) for easily managing digital content and watching or recording TV.