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A van designed primarily for carrying passengers, typically having rear seats that can be removed for loading cargo.


(Automotive Engineering) a small van, esp one with seats in the back for carrying passengers


(ˈmɪn iˌvæn)

a small passenger van.
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Noun1.minivan - a small box-shaped passenger vanminivan - a small box-shaped passenger van; usually has removable seats; used as a family car
auto, automobile, car, motorcar, machine - a motor vehicle with four wheels; usually propelled by an internal combustion engine; "he needs a car to get to work"
passenger van - a van that carries passengers


nMinivan m
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Summary: The minivan was entering a road with fast oncoming traffic, and trying to move to the last lane.
This is the seventh consecutive year that the Jeep Grand Cherokee has received AutoPacific's Ideal Vehicle Award for the Mid-Size SUV segment and the first year the Chrysler Pacifica has won the award in the Minivan segment.
This week, its self-driving vehicle division, Waymo, formally introduced the company's advanced minivan prototype.
The 32-year-old Pakistani jobless man and his two countrymen, who remain at large, were said to have stopped a minivan in front of a du transmission room, from where they planned to steal electric cables in April 2015.
WORCESTER -- A woman was seriously injured Wednesday night when the minivan she was driving collided with a school bus on Route 20.
ySLAMABAD (CyHAN)- A minivan with passengers on board went adrift and fell down from six meters high while crossing a bridge inundated under flood waters in Baluchistan province of Pakistan.
Police spokesman John Green said gunfire erupted from a sport utility vehicle that pulled up alongside the family's minivan at O'Fallon Park on Wednesday night.
The scope of contract includes the supply of Crew/Combi Minivan for the Forensic Unit of the General
Digesting the concept that it's time for a minivan can be a shock for any grownup.
Four people died and four others were injured in a collision between a passenger car and a minivan in southwestern Japan on Sunday, police said.
I am learning to be a name you want to name your children, & I won't call you Jezebel anymore but I will wreck you from the sky if you make me ride in your minivan again.
00 am on May 8, the 30-year old driver of the minivan Ssan Yong, lost control of the vehicle and crossed into the oncoming lane and collided with the Kamaz truck.