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 (mĭn′yən, mēn-yän′)
n. pl. min·ya·nim (mēn-yä-nēm′, mĭn-yô′nĭm) or min·yans (mĭn′yənz)
The minimum number of ten adult Jews or, among the Orthodox, Jewish men required for a communal religious service.

[Hebrew minyān, number, minyan, from Aramaic minyānā, from mənā, to count; see mnw in Semitic roots.]


(minˈjan; English ˈmɪnjən)
n, pl minyanim (minjaˈnim) , minyans
(Judaism) the number of persons required by Jewish law to be present for a religious service, namely, at least ten males over thirteen years of age
[literally: number]


(ˈmɪn yən, mɪnˈyɑn)

n., pl. min•yans, min•yan•im (ˌmɪn yɑˈnim)
the quorum of 10 adult Jewish males required by Jewish law to be present for public prayers.
[1750–60;< Hebrew, literally, number]
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Noun1.minyan - the quorum required by Jewish law to be present for public worship (at least ten males over thirteen years of age)minyan - the quorum required by Jewish law to be present for public worship (at least ten males over thirteen years of age)
quorum - a gathering of the minimal number of members of an organization to conduct business
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She was youngest daughter to Amphion son of Iasus and king of Minyan Orchomenus, and was Queen in Pylos.
Then he left his home and fled from horse-rearing Argos and came to Minyan Orchomenus.
One of the searing memories of my youth was when my mother died and there was a minyan every day, and I couldn't be part of it.
Minyan services will be held each morning at 7am and each evening at 7pm also at Congregation Beth Israel.
He remembers being sent to the corner filling station to phone people when there were not enough men for a minyan, or quorum.
The image, painted in a loose, expressionistic manner, features nine figures--eight men and an older boy; the latter makes eye contact with the viewer, inviting the viewer to complete the minyan, or prayer group.
By the mid1970s, it became nearly impossible to attract the minyan of 10 males, over the age of 13, necessary to conduct Orthodox services over the High Holidays.
When he leaves his mountain home to sort out his frustrations and thoughts only to encounter a reclusive Minyan prince on the road, Cherion begins a journey that moves far beyond his repressed people and their isolation and even beyond his romance, and leads to a re-assessment of Minyan rule, family interrelationships, and a law decreeing the death of sons which a fleeing prince hopes to avoid by having Cheiron help them save baby Diomedes' life.
9 (2008): 60-1; and Zhao Minyan, "On the Applied Shortage and Countermeasure of The Agricultural Products Agreement of WTO", Journal of Anhui Vocational College of Police Officers 44, no.
When deaths and demographic shifts eroded the regular minyan at Arad's domed central Ashkenazi synagogue, the local Chabad community, comprised of some 50 families, was invited to siphon off some of its members to this domed structure to lead services and augment the minyan.
It doesn't take me long to muster a minyan I wouldn't pray with, couldn't pray with, in good conscience--and I've often thought there should be more of this sort of private excommunication, in every faith community, by us liberals, just to show those people how we feel.