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 (mē-rō′), Joan 1893-1983.
Spanish artist whose abstract and surrealist paintings are characterized by bright colors and simple bold forms.


n, pl miro
(Animals) a tall New Zealand coniferous timber tree, Podocarpus ferrugineus, with large red fruit


(Spanish miˈro)
(Biography) Joan (xwan). 1893–1983, Spanish surrealist painter



Jo•an (ʒuˈɑn, ʰwɑn) 1893–1983, Spanish painter.
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Noun1.Miro - New Zealand conifer used for lumbermiro - New Zealand conifer used for lumber; the dark wood is used for interior carpentry
genus Prumnopitys, Prumnopitys - mostly dioecious evergreen conifers; leaves are softer than in Podocarpus
conifer, coniferous tree - any gymnospermous tree or shrub bearing cones
2.Miro - Spanish surrealist painter (1893-1983)Miro - Spanish surrealist painter (1893-1983)
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Rentuaya said police operatives served an arrest warrant against Miro inside his house around 10 p.
According to Young, as soon as Miro saw the police officers, he went inside his room, took his gun and fired at them, prompting the officers to fire back.
SDP is ready to be part of a solution that will offer balance between civic and ethnic principles and will not contribute to further complicating of the problem, said Miro Lazovic.
The author notes that Miro looked at everyday things very intensely.
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Ever since the new IOC president took over ( Thomas Bach) the belief is there should be bridges between the partners," Mitchell and Miro said.
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Her design, created after visiting the Miro exhibition at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, won a competition run by one of the world's leading shoe companies, Camper.
Sorprende tambien que, a pesar de ese especial aprecio que los lectores y estudiosos de Miro sentimos por esta obra, haya reunido un escaso numero de estudios criticos.
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