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tr.v. mis·ad·vised, mis·ad·vis·ing, mis·ad·vis·es
To advise wrongly.
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COURT ORDERSbrWhile the government reserves the right to arrest anyone it considers a threat to national security, the events that followed the 'swearing-in' ceremony were misadvised and lacked any constitutional support.
This is unless they misadvised her because they fear competition she was going to bring on the table,' the source noted.
I was told by a UC call centre in June to apply for JSA/ESA with a sick note and they would send me the forms - they were very apologetic about me being misadvised.
Relegated, yes - and he was partly responsible for that, though years of under-investment and misadvised signings were the crucial factor - but in the embryonic stages of potentially the most-exciting revolution since Kevin Keegan returned to Tyneside in the early 1990s.
People become very dependent on their advisors, and they don't want to think they're being misadvised.
Admitted to practice: 1980) Newman misadvised her client in a family law matter.
Stalin--who knew little of the outside world, and what he knew was wrong--continually misadvised the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).
42) It was not uncommon in the last financial crisis to hear a little extra sympathy going to those who were encouraged to make bad investments while lacking the financial education to understand the risks, and a little less sympathy to the big institutional players and wealthy individuals who were similarly misadvised or ripped off.
KALPA went on to accuse KQ of favouring expatriate staff and of pursuing poor strategic' decisions pointing out that after years of misadvised decision-making and its relying on knee-jerk reactions to situations as they develop.
In my view, monetary tightening is a misadvised policy for Pakistan by the IMF as inflation is cost push in nature.
186) According to the Kentucky Supreme Court, Padilla correctly pointed out that "a number of jurisdictions which have held that failure to advise of a collateral matter is not ineffective assistance have nevertheless held that there is an exception for cases where the attorney misadvised the defendant on the consequences of his plea with regard to immigration.