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Incorrectly aligned.

mis′a·lign′ment (-lĭn′mənt) n.


placed or positioned wrongly or badly
ˌmisaˈlignment n


(ˌmɪs əˈlaɪnd)

improperly aligned.
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During this eruption, wisdom teeth can be in a misaligned position usually towards the cheeks.
The signing of this WTO joint statement demonstrates our commitment to farmers to fix missing and misaligned pesticide maximum residue levels for agriculture exports.
Magnetic and rotational axes are misaligned in other magnetically active planets; astronomers think such tilts help sustain those planets' internal dynamos.
Misaligned wheels are the result of faulty suspension parts.
The first repair campaign was revealed for a small batch of SLK, SL and SL63 AMG cars that are likely to have left the factory with misaligned headlights.
But many pet rabbits do get malocclusion, where teeth become misaligned and elongated.
Postural issues such as those mentioned can irritate the spine, but the much more devastating effects to the health of the neck and back is when the spinal bones are remaining in a wrong position from a previous trauma that misaligned the spine.
The SR Series of quick-changers withstands strong vibrations and rapid accelerations with snap on, safe-lock mechanisms, color-coded locking indications (red for locked, green for open), and pneumatic air connections that cannot be misaligned.
10), Christopher Crockett described the misaligned disks of gas and dust circling a pair of nearby stars.
Washington, July 31 ( ANI ): Astronomers have observed a striking pair of two stars with wildly misaligned planet-forming discs in the young binary star system with the help of Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA).
Yurchikhin and Misurkin reported that the base of the platform appeared to be misaligned because it wasn't assembled properly on the ground.
Fluid levels and tyre pressures were reduced, washer jets misaligned and working bulbs were replaced with duds.