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Incorrectly aligned.

mis′a·lign′ment (-lĭn′mənt) n.


placed or positioned wrongly or badly
ˌmisaˈlignment n


(ˌmɪs əˈlaɪnd)

improperly aligned.
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Judge Sandra Williams declines to use the photo-finish camera for the three- mile chase at Newcastle as she says that it is misaligned.
Without any prodding or prompting, they are able to pick up any manufacturing defects, whether it's a shading on wood finish or any other detail that is incorrect or misaligned.
This insures the scope is properly aligned with the bore even if the outer rings are misaligned.
Flawed corps work such as unstable arabesques penchees, misaligned head poses, and excessively splayed fingers with jutting thumbs, marred the white acts.
Every revolution of a misaligned shaft creates severe stresses that alternate between tensile and compressive loads on bearings and their housings.
When assets become misaligned or less than optimally managed, there is clearly an increasing opportunity to create economic value by restructuring companies, restoring what markets perceive as a more optimal mix of assets.
PAT is a user-friendly software utility designed to automatically determine if a drive is misaligned, and then properly realign all existing partitions, including boot partitions (and any data they contain) to new 4K sector boundaries.
But the disks around the stars in a binary system located 525 light-years away in the constellation Taurus are misaligned, Eric Jensen of Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania and Rachel Akeson of Caltech report in the July 31 Nature.
The gutter was misaligned and other factors associated with the original construction of the building are responsible for the water issues, according to information presented to council members during their meeting.
They included a boy with a walking impairment, another with hearing and sight problems, a third boy whose eyes were misaligned and a deaf girl aged nine.
Vishwanath said that preliminary results of their finds suggest that their method could be used to allow people with misaligned eyes to experience what it is like to actually see in 3D.
They are a fast, highly effective cosmetic solution that can be used to conceal worn enamel, correct chipped or fractured teeth, smooth misaligned teeth and close gaps between teeth.