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Hatred or mistrust of men.

[miso- + Greek anēr, andr-, man (on the model of misogyny); see -andry.]

mi·san′drist n.


hatred of men
[C20: from Greek, from miso- + -andria, from anēr man]
misˈandrist n, adj
misˈandrous adj

misandry, misandria

an extreme dislike of males, frequently based upon unhappy experience or upbringing. Cf. misogynism.
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in women, an abnormal aversion to males.
See also: Male
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The word f-e-m-i-n-i-s-t itself perpetuates gender biasness and misandry.
It is debatable whether or not this is yet another facet of the current vogue for misandry in general, but certainly it indicates a very strong bias against men, and indeed by association, their families.
have over If we want to change the age old sexism ethos pervading society then men need to be free to express their thoughts otherwise we are simply denigrating men and guilty of misandry.
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The way ahead for women is not paved with misandry.
Feminism is not misandry, is not gender supremacy, is not a war against the other gender.
One has to make allowances for the justifiable strain of feminist misandry in the 1970s, given the state of female exploitation and inequality on many fronts.
She writes, "A true lady hides her real-life misandry in upbeat, Web-based humour.
As both African American and male, African American men contend with African American misandry, defined as anti-African American male attitudes and behaviors in which African American men "are held in suspicion, marginalized, hated, rendered invisible, put under increased surveillance" (Smith et al, 2007, p.
A Voice for Men: Founded in 2009 by truck driver Paul Elam to "expose misandry on all levels," the site, now a hub of the movement, is aimed at those turned off by the fringe politics of other men's rights forums.
The actor is also having a tricky time with less heroic characters in his new hit movie, "Gone Girl,'' a twisted conjugal cage fight that has sparked charges of misogyny, misandry and misanthropy.
Secondly, the hatred of men is misandry, not feminism.