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1. A wrong or faulty belief.
2. A heretical or unorthodox religious belief.


a false or unorthodox belief


(ˌmɪs bɪˈlif)

erroneous belief; false opinion.


 of painters; painters collectivelyBk. of St. Albans, 1486.


nirrige Annahme; (Rel) → Irrglaube m
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As with the errors of jumping bullets in a too-long throat and over spinning bullets, another piece of misinformation regards barrel steel and the misbelief that stainless steel is always best.
My hope is that the behavioral and neuroscience evidence discussed in last month's article can help combat this misbelief.
Wishful thinking is rooted in the misbelief that common sense is sufficient and that random sample-based statistical tests are required.
Jihad for Allah's sake is a mandatory duty and who cannot come here [must wage] Jihad in daarakufr [the land of misbelief, that is] killing the infidels
It is unclear whether holding of the myth represents genuine misbelief or instead is a rationalization covering other reasons the holders want to maintain Iran as a perpetually isolated bete noire.
Women tend to develop CHD about 10 years later (after menopause) than men, perhaps contributing to the misbelief that women are less likely to develop the disease.
From our perspective this is the result of a longtime misbelief, that cybercriminals are only interested in cyberattacks against Internet banking.
The most common misbelief is that acne is caused by poor hygiene.
This is especially so if students come to inherit the misbelief that a poem can only be interpreted in a conventional manner.
Canessa told The Nation's Health that education is necessary because there is miscommunication in Hispanic communities about lupus, such as the misbelief that it is a communicable disease.
If we sustain this recent round of attacks unscathed, the danger here is a misbelief that the dietary supplement industry is invulnerable, that these setbacks are not signs of a looming storm.