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Miscellaneous items or written works collected together.

[Latin miscellānea, from neuter pl. of miscellāneus, miscellaneous; see miscellaneous.]


pl n
(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a collection of miscellaneous items, esp literary works
[C16: from Latin: neuter pl of miscellāneus miscellaneous]


(ˌmɪs əˈleɪ ni ə)

miscellaneous collected writings, papers, or objects.
[1565–75; < Latin miscellānea hash, hodgepodge, n. use of neuter pl. of miscellāneus miscellaneous]

miscellanea, miscellany

a varied collection, particularly a collection of literary works, extracts, fragments, etc., in book form. — miscellaneous, adj.
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 a collection of miscellaneous materials or matter.
Examples: a literary miscellanea, 1571.
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Noun1.miscellanea - a collection containing a variety of sorts of thingsmiscellanea - a collection containing a variety of sorts of things; "a great assortment of cars was on display"; "he had a variety of disorders"; "a veritable smorgasbord of religions"
aggregation, collection, accumulation, assemblage - several things grouped together or considered as a whole
grab bag - an assortment of miscellaneous items
witches' brew, witches' broth, witch's brew - a fearsome mixture; "a witches' brew of gangsters and terrorists"; "mixing dope and alcohol creates a witches' brew"
range - a variety of different things or activities; "he answered a range of questions"; "he was impressed by the range and diversity of the collection"
selection - an assortment of things from which a choice can be made; "the store carried a large selection of shoes"
alphabet soup - a confusing assortment; "Roosevelt created an alphabet soup of federal agencies"
sampler - an assortment of various samples; "a candy sampler"; "a sampler of French poets"


plVerschiedenes nt; (of literary compositions, objects)(bunte) Sammlung
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There is hope this collection of Masonic miscellanea might one day be put on display, shedding some light onto the enigmatic world of the Masons.
Anderson, "Notre-Dame and Related Conductus: A Catalogue Raisonne," Miscellanea Musi.
There are attractive ornamental items and a selection of kitchen miscellanea together with her trademark walking sticks.
In sintonia con tale obiettivo la miscellanea si inserisce, per altro, in una linea storico-evolutiva testimoniata fin dal titolo; quest'ultimo--che vale da cartiglio esplicativo per gli otto saggi che confluiscono nel volume, mescolando l'esperienza di studiosi eminenti a vibranti contributi di piu giovani leve--risulta infatti modulato sul ricordo di due pubblicazioni analoghe, entrambe accreditate dal curatore (Massimo Scalabrini) e altresi patrocinate dalla Columbia University a vent'anni di distanza: Ariosto 1974 in America e Boiardo 1994 in America.
While the standalone graphic "Life expectancy at birth" (December 13, 2013) and "Top 50 football players" (October 25, 2013) earned a medal each, as well the portfolio of Miscellanea graphics.
Page 48 in turn, discloses a tonally highly unstable musical miscellanea, akin to the developmental portion that follows the F sharp major section, while the written instruction "Coda" connects the presentation of the "Recovery Theme" at once to page 8, and for its presentation in the final version, to page 43.
This volume is part of a recent change in focus as it explores medical recipes found in Miscellanea Medica XVI, which is found in the Wellcome Library of London.
The first three declensions are discussed together with their allophonic and gender variants, and minor declensions are divided into minor a-plurals, mutation plurals, and miscellanea, a loose collection of "nouns which seem to form discrete but small paradigms of their own" (Hogg & Fulk 2011: 136).
Published in Sydney, its contents included EXTRACTS from current English journals, reports of ORIGINAL CASES, REVIEWS, LEADERS, MEDICAL JURISPRUDENCE matters, MISCELLANEA and TO CORRESPONDENTS, which often featured Aaron's rebukes to contributors or his opinions on the inadequacies of submitted case reports.
Edita a Firenze nel 1489, per i tipi di Antonio Miscomini, la prima centuria dei Miscellanea di Angelo Ambrogini (meglio conosciuto con l'appellativo di Poliziano), (1) costituisce un valido banco di prova alla luce del quale saggiare il diffondersi, gia in ambito umanistico, di una significativa attenzione per i frammenti letterari dell'antichita.
Also, rocks, twigs, and miscellanea coming at near-light speed off those blades or the spinning twine of a weed-eater usually wing against unprotected shins and eyeballs (Ouch
If this sounds a bit hodge-podge, it is; in the book's introduction, four chapters, and very brief afterword, Castillo looks at a wide variety of cultural texts produced during the Spanish Golden Age, from miscellanea like Antonio de Torquemada's Jardin de flores curiosas (1570) and Julian de Medrano's La silva curioso (1583) to morality tales like Cristobal Lozano's La cueva de Hercules (1667), narratives of ambiguity like Miguel de Cervantes's Novelas ejemplares (1613), and lurid narratives of violence like Maria de Zayas's Desenganos amorosos (1647).