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mis·er·y  (mz-r)
n. pl. mis·er·ies
a. The state of suffering and want as a result of physical circumstances or extreme poverty.
b. Mental or emotional unhappiness or distress: "Our happiness or misery depends on our dispositions, and not on our circumstances" (Martha Washington).
2. A cause or source of suffering.
3. Informal A physical ache or ailment.

[Middle English miserie, from Old French, from Latin miseria, from miser, wretched.]

misery (ˈmɪzərɪ)
n, pl -eries
1. intense unhappiness, discomfort, or suffering; wretchedness
2. a cause of such unhappiness, discomfort, etc
3. squalid or poverty-stricken conditions
4. Brit a person who is habitually depressed: he is such a misery.
5. a pain or ailment
[C14: via Anglo-Norman from Latin miseria, from miser wretched]

mis•er•y (ˈmɪz ə ri)

n., pl. -er•ies.
1. wretchedness of condition or circumstances.
2. suffering caused by privation or poverty.
3. great mental or emotional distress; extreme unhappiness.
4. a source of distress.
[1325–75; < Latin miseria=miser wretched + -ia -y3]
Thesaurus Legend:  Synonyms Related Words Antonyms
Noun1.misery - a state of ill-being due to affliction or misfortunemisery - a state of ill-being due to affliction or misfortune; "the misery and wretchedness of those slums is intolerable"
ill-being - lack of prosperity or happiness or health
concentration camp - a situation characterized by crowding and extremely harsh conditions
living death - a state of constant misery
woe, suffering - misery resulting from affliction
2.misery - a feeling of intense unhappinessmisery - a feeling of intense unhappiness; "she was exhausted by her misery and grief"
sadness, unhappiness - emotions experienced when not in a state of well-being

2. poverty, want, need, squalor, privation, penury, destitution, wretchedness, sordidness, indigence An elite profited from the misery of the poor.
poverty luxury
3. (Brit. informal) moaner, pessimist, killjoy, spoilsport, grouch (informal), prophet of doom, wet blanket (informal), sourpuss (informal), wowser (Austral. & N.Z. slang) I'm not such a misery now. I've got things sorted out a bit.
4. misfortune, trouble, trial, disaster, load, burden, curse, ordeal, hardship, catastrophe, sorrow, woe, calamity, affliction, tribulation, bitter pill (informal) There is no point dwelling on the miseries of the past.
misery [ˈmɪzərɪ] N
1. (= sadness) → tristeza f, pena f
2. (= poverty) → miseria f, pobreza f
to live in miseryvivir en la miseria
3. (= misfortune) → desgracia f
a life of miseryuna vida desgraciada
4. (= suffering) → sufrimiento m, dolor m
to put an animal out of its miseryrematar a un animal(para que no sufra)
to put sb out of his/her misery (fig) → sacar a algn de la incertidumbre
to make sb's life a miseryamargar la vida a algn
5. (Brit) (= person) → aguafiestas mf inv

misery [ˈmɪzəri] n
(= unhappiness) → misère f
All that money brought nothing but misery → Tout cet argent n'a apporté que de la misère.
to make sb's life a misery → rendre la vie de qn impossible
(= pain) → souffrances fpl
to put sb out of their misery (= satisfy curiosity) → mettre fin au supplice de qn
to put an animal out of its misery → achever un animal
(= wretchedness) → misère f
to be a misery [person] → être un or une rabat-joie
She's a real misery → C'est une vraie rabat-joie.
misery guts nrabat-joie m inv or f inv

(= sadness)Kummer m, → Trauer f; she looked the picture of miserysie war ein Bild des Jammers
(= suffering)Qualen pl; (= wretchedness)Elend nt; the misery caused by wardas Elend des Krieges; a life of miseryein erbärmliches or jämmerliches or elendes Leben; to make somebody’s life a miseryjdm das Leben zur Qual or zur Hölle machen; to put an animal out of its miseryein Tier von seinen Qualen erlösen; to put somebody out of his misery (fig)jdn nicht länger auf die Folter spannen
(Brit inf: = person) → Miesepeter m (inf)

misery [ˈmɪzərɪ] n (unhappiness) → tristezza; (pain) → sofferenza, tormento, dolore m; (wretchedness) → miseria (fam) (person) → lagna
to put an animal out of its misery → uccidere un animale (per non farlo soffrire più)
to put sb out of his misery (fig) → mettere fine alle sofferenze di qn
to make sb's life a misery → rovinare la vita a qn

misery (ˈmizəri) plural ˈmiseries noun
(something that causes) unhappiness. the misery of the fatherless children; Forget your miseries and come out with me!

misery بُؤسٌ sklíčenost elendighed Elend δυστυχία sufrimiento kurjuus misère bijeda miseria 惨めさ 비참 ellende elendighet niedola miséria несчастье elände ความทุกข์ยาก sefalet sự khốn khổ 痛苦

n.  sufrimiento, pena; desesperación; miseria.

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He seemed extremely unhappy; but when she took his arm and walked away with him, seeking a retired corner, a ray of hope mingled with the almost comical misery of his expression.
For, dear Hetty, if I were to do what you one day spoke of, and make you my wife, I should do what you yourself would come to feel was for your misery instead of your welfare.
That he did not himself tell her may be forgiven him, for he had only a life of misery to look forward to after she should know that he, too, was equally a soulless monster with the twelve that had preceded him to a merciful death.
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