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tr.v. mis·knew (-no͞o′, -nyo͞o′), mis·known (-nōn′), mis·know·ing, mis·knows
To misunderstand.

mis·knowl′edge (-nŏl′ĭj) n.


vb (tr) , -knows, -knowing, -knew (-njuː) or -known (-nəʊn)
to have the wrong idea about; misunderstandto be unaware or ignorant of



v.t. -knew, -known, -know•ing.
to misunderstand.
mis•knowl′edge (-ˈnɒl ɪdʒ) n.
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In Coleridge's interpretive rewriting, Iago becomes an Osorio--terrifying because he undervalues affective belief, but pitiable because his mechanistic rationale is a forgery, a misknowing by which he is self-exiled from the human community.
For the concept of self-knowing and misknowing here and elsewhere in this essay, I am indebted in general to Stanley Cavell, Disowning Knowledge in Six Plays of Shakespeare (2003 rpt.