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tr.v. mis·la·beled, mis·la·bel·ing, mis·la·bels also mis·la·belled or mis·la·bel·ling
To label inaccurately.
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Adj.1.mislabeled - branded or labeled falsely and in violation of statutory requirementsmislabeled - branded or labeled falsely and in violation of statutory requirements; "confiscated the misbranded drugs"
illegal - prohibited by law or by official or accepted rules; "an illegal chess move"
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In 3 Q-Probe studies conducted by the College of American Pathologists (CAP), (5) the reported rates of mislabeled samples were 0.
Nearly half of all food purveyors in the survey sold mislabeled fish, with sushi restaurants being the worst culprits by far.
33% of Seafood Mislabeled in Grocery Stores, Restaurants & Sushi Venues
com/535855/seafood-fraud-33-percent-of-fish-mislabeled-video/) Inquisitr reported that nearly one-third of fish is being mislabeled in the U.
In its latest study on the occurrence of mislabeled fish in stores and restaurants, the nonprofit Oceana found that more than a third of the fish sampled in New York City had been mislabeled.
While it may be easy to understand why mislabeled specimens occur, the errors aren't easy to accept.
Barilli suspected that the samples had been mislabeled or mixed up, because the right shoulder sample was the smaller of the two samples sent to Columbia, but the sample that was identified as malignant was the larger sample.
In this particular Q-Probes study, subscribers prospectively reviewed surgical pathology cases in the fall of 2009 until an 8week period had elapsed or until 30 error incidents related to mislabeled cases, specimens, blocks, or slides had been identified.
They had been accused of misrepresenting Takayama Seafood as the importer of the eels, which were actually imported by Ito-Yokado, and selling around 15 tons of the mislabeled product in 2009 in violation of the food sanitation law, according to the ruling.
The new version allows millions more people around the world to automatically fix their mislabeled song information, find missing cover art, receive upcoming concert alerts, and enjoy music videos, all integrated with iTunes' familiar interface.
His quote in As They See it was mislabeled in the March issue.