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(mɪˈsɒdʒ ə ni, maɪ-)

hatred of or hostility toward women.
[1650–60; < Greek mīsogynía= mīsogyn(ēs) a woman-hater (mīso- miso- + -gynēs, adj. derivative of gynḗ woman) + -ia -y3]
mi•sog′y•nic, mi•sog′y•nous, mi•sog`y•nis′tic, adj.
mi•sog′y•nist, n.

misogynism, misogyny

an extreme dislike of females, frequently based upon unhappy experience or upbringing. Cf. misandry.
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Noun1.misogynism - hatred of womenmisogynism - hatred of women      
hate, hatred - the emotion of intense dislike; a feeling of dislike so strong that it demands action
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WOLF-whistling will be prosecuted as a hate crime of misogynism by Nottinghamshire police.
Within hours of the Republican billionaire's bleating, his Democratic nemesis saw her campaign coffers swell by millions in donations predominantly from females sick of his misogynism.
Within hours of the Republibillionaire's bleating, his Demnemesis saw her campaign coswell by millions in donations poured in predominantly from females sick of his misogynism.
But securing a general election victory in November, said Silver, will require winning over groups that, polls show, account for his unfavorable ratings: Latinos, African-Americans, college students, urban white-collar whites and, most especially, women turned off by Trump's (real or perceived) misogynism.
Within hours, a host of Twitter users diagnosed sexism, misogynism, ignorance, and "Mediterranean patriarchy" in Anastasiades' remark, though it did cause European Parliament President Martin Schulz, who had been standing next to the president when he said it, to join him in laughter.
Obscenity has been linked to misogynism, perversion, sadism, and voyeurism.
What applies to his avowed racism applies equally to his avowed misogynism.
When it comes to the misogynism, I would argue that American Psycho is a misogynist book in some very important ways, and .
The list of "isms" that could credibly be mentioned in a dissection of What Went Wrong in Rotherham is quite long - racism, multiculturalism, Islamism, sexism, misogynism, neoliberalism, socialism, capitalism, statism, liberalism, libertarianism, colonialism, postcolonialism, feminism, welfarism, blah, blah, blah.
1) There is a some truth to what Nietzsche is writing here despite his inherent misogynism and misotheism.
Vaginal Creme Davis as disidentificatory, citing, among other examples, her stage name's reference to Angela Davis as an evocation of Black Power that sidesteps the misogynism and homophobia of Black Panther militancy.
I think it's so interesting that you thought that because I was against the use of the n-word, violence and singing about violence and misogynism, meant that I did not like you, because I did not know you," he said.