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One who hates or mistrusts women.

mi·sog′y·nis′tic (-ə-nĭs′tĭk), mi·sog′y·nous (-ə-nəs) adj.
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Adj.1.misogynous - hating women in particularmisogynous - hating women in particular    
ill-natured - having an irritable and unpleasant disposition
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None of these is more pronounced than the misogynous attitude of these societies towards women and the continued preference for boys over girls.
By keeping quiet about this growing misogynous conviction by conflicted men supported by incongruous women, we wrongly continue to undermine women's achievements.
The old Venetian senator lays down a truly misogynous argument based on a vision largely shared in the 16th century, and owing to a tradition based on the ancient Greek genre of the epithalamium.
might instead be understood as a sign of the lame soldier's participation in the attack' as 'he strikes out at the woman with misogynous invective and mockery'.
Such misogynous, red-neck fear and loathing led to one of Amazon Acres' neighbours, a female doctor bitterly remembered as being "lesbophobic/homophobic," in 1980 bulldozing parts of their access road, making members walk hours just to get in and out.
16) Contrary to other medieval philosophers whose misogynous tendencies are acknowledged and strongly criticized, some scholars have been less unequivocal regarding Maimonides's harsh attitude towards women.
One wonders whether Republican legislators will be as contemptuously misogynous toward President Hillary Clinton as they've been contemptuously racist toward President Obama.
She jokes that "we read tweets from Sunni extremists warning us about this being an anti-Sunni conspiracy and a good mix of misogynous tweets about women protesting in shorts, like this was the highlight of the day".
We are counting on the implementation of strategies aimed at combating both supply and demand and to modify cultural attitudes that are abusive and misogynous," said CNDH president Luis Raul Gonzalez Perez.
Concomitantly, it has been a time-honoured tactic to put negative, misogynous opinions about women (which readers might agree with in "real" life), into the mouths of the most unattractive, dumb and ridiculous characters, thus discrediting the tale by way of the teller.
The One Million Signature Campaign issued "The Statement of the Campaign" arguing that the misogynous laws imposed by the sovereign power have created a discriminatory atmosphere for women in Iran and it demanded the elimination or reform of the following Islamist state laws: (2)
A lot of misogynous language was used around menstruation.