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Hatred of reason, argument, or enlightenment.

mi·sol′o·gist n.


(mɪˈsɒlədʒɪ; maɪ-)
hatred of reasoning or reasoned argument
[C19: from Greek misologia, from misos hatred + logos word, reasoning. See logos]
miˈsologist n


(mɪˈsɒl ə dʒi, maɪ-)

distrust or hatred of reasoning, argument, or knowledge.
mi•sol′o•gist, n.


a hatred of argument, debate, or reasoning. — misologist, n.
See also: Argumentation
a hatred of reason, reasoning, and knowledge. — misologist, n.
See also: Knowledge
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Noun1.misology - hatred of reasoningmisology - hatred of reasoning      
hate, hatred - the emotion of intense dislike; a feeling of dislike so strong that it demands action
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The point is to avoid both an enfeebling of thumos and a misology that comes from being too savage and unmusical.
This second kind of misology corresponds roughly to the type of reason the New Atheists, and modernity in general, uphold against what they see to be the irrationality of religious belief--which means that the debate between what the New Atheists define as "religion" and what they define as "atheism" would, according to Plato, be a debate two kinds of misology, two different ways of running away from rationality.
Although the author is right that each chapter is "un essai qui peut etre lu independamment" (20), one of this book's merits definitely lies in the way it juxtaposes authors and works rarely discussed together in this productive back-and-forth between philology and misology.
Fontaine stressed that moral and intellectual truth demand an end to segregation advocated by segregationist whites and black radicals alike, since "segregation as a way of life commits its followers to misology, the hatred of reason, and to misanthropy, the hatred of man.
Remember that in Plato's Phaedo, Socrates compares misanthropy to misology, the hatred of speech and logic.
The beginnings of misology are to be found in the frustration of any attempts to find a sense of the whole through either an ontological or a cosmological route.