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misopedia, misopaedia

an abnormal dislike of children. — misopedist, misopaedist, n.
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Noun1.misopedia - hatred of childrenmisopedia - hatred of children      
hate, hatred - the emotion of intense dislike; a feeling of dislike so strong that it demands action
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This article brings Beckett's misopedia into focus by placing it within a tradition beginning with St.
As Beckett's misogyny has become increasingly recognised, the related hatred of the child, misopedia, needs also to be brought into focus, not in spite of but because of its objectionable nature.
Whilst misogyny indicates the possibility of considering the morally dubious in Beckett, it may have obscured the related theme of misopedia, due mainly to the prism of Cartesianism through which Beckett's dread of woman has been figured.