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tr.v. mis·rep·re·sent·ed, mis·rep·re·sent·ing, mis·rep·re·sents
1. To give an incorrect or misleading representation of.
2. To serve incorrectly or dishonestly as an official representative of.

mis·rep′re·sen·ta′tion n.
mis·rep′re·sen′ta·tive (-zĕn′tə-tĭv) adj.
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Fraudulent and misrepresentative loan applications are continuing to decline, as our risk index is trending toward the lowest point we have recorded in the last five years.
The calculation of property taxes for pipelines and wells is based on a prescribed formula methodology which results in a tax assessment base that is dramatically misrepresentative of property value, especially for mature oil and gas properties.
Although social media pose a wide array of opportunities for any anti-social network, ranging from criminally exploitative to benignly misrepresentative, from a military perspective, social media present a rich array of information on ways to influence psychological vulnerabilities and an ideal attack platform from which to do it.
Tory North East MSP Alex Johnstone said: "His attempt to portray Scotland as downtrodden is utterly contemptible and misrepresentative of the Union - which Scotland both contributes to and benefits from.
But an SSP Health spokeswoman said that report was misrepresentative.
The rhetoric on both sides was often radically misrepresentative of the other side, and Smith was regularly targeted because of his relationship with Lindbergh.
These terrorists are no more 'Islamist' than the Ukrainian fighters are Christian, yet we -- the readers -- are constantly subjected to biased language which is grossly misrepresentative of the Islamic faith.
AND the gloriously misrepresentative road sign to The Naked Village's More4 nudist colony: "Concealed entrance.
The figure of 3-4 METs therefore is conservatively high, appropriate to use perhaps when advising people about risk of myocardial infarct, during sex, but potentially misrepresentative of the level of exercise capacity that is necessarily required for an enjoyable sexual encounter.
A narrow attention on one or a few quality indicators may be misrepresentative and may lead to inaccurate or incomplete conclusions.
Although many of these contributions were supporting the Malaysia Deal as policy, they were not relying on misleading and misrepresentative language to do so.