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v. mis·sion·ized, mis·sion·iz·ing, mis·sion·iz·es
To do missionary work.
1. To perform missionary work in or among.
2. To bring under the influence or control of a mission: "Eastern Apaches in what is now Texas were even missionized—briefly—in the eighteenth century" (William Brandon).


(ˈmɪʃəˌnaɪz) or


vb (intr)
to work as a missionaryto undertake missionary work


(ˈmɪʃ əˌnaɪz)

v. -ized, -iz•ing. v.i.
1. to conduct missionary work.
2. to conduct missionary work in or among.
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Additionally, Orbital ATK has continuously provided in-country maintenance, logistics support and student training on the missionized Caravans.
When missionized, the aircraft can be configured with a dual station tactical console with full mission suite (ASW/ASuW), or when in utility configuration it can transport 22 troops or multiple medical litters.
Field Aviation says it has delivered the third of four missionized Challenger aircraft to Cobham Aviation Services.
In South America, Brazil is a rising player owing to its Gripen coproduction partnership with Saab as well as Embraer's bold steps into the competitive missionized aircraft market.
This physical size puts this class of vehicle at least an order of magnitude smaller than any missionized UAV developed to date.
He also argues that there is an active "recruitment" campaign by homosexuals; all of this, of course, has been seen before, but these ideas have proven highly influential in Uganda due to the impressionable nature of the missionized.
In 1851, Victoria Bartholomea Reid, the missionized Gabrielino wife of Scotsman Hugo Reid, wrote to the Los Angeles businessman and landowner Abel Stearns hoping to enlist his help during a time of personal distress.
Finally, our theologies must totally deconstruct the theological discourses of the colonialist euro-western churches that have missionized and continue today to missionize our peoples.
In addition to their primary role as regional airliners, many are being used in an array of missionized operations such as corporate and cargo transport, medical evacuation, airways and navigation aid calibration, navigator training and maritime patrol.
Desperate for laborers, the Padres took over reproductive decision-making for Indian women; where pre-contact women lived with common-sense restrictions on sexual contact that gave their bodies time to recuperate from pregnancy, childbirth and nursing, Missionized Indian women were ordered to endure endless cycles of pregnancy, especially when miscarriages and infant mortality rose.
Also missionized for several decades, Kamea continue their male initiation ceremonies but have stopped piercing an initiand's nasal septum, thus hiding visible evidence of these rites from disapproving missionaries (Bamford).
As encounters intensified in both word and deed, they ultimately resulted in mass conversions, expulsions, and deaths, for reasons other than Jews' refusal to be missionized.