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or mis·sis (mĭs′ĭz, -ĭs)
1. The mistress of a household. Often used with the.
2. Informal One's wife or girlfriend. Often used with the: Tell the missus I said hello.

[Alteration of mistress.]


(ˈmɪsɪz; -ɪs) or


1. the missus informal one's wife or the wife of the person addressed or referred to
2. an informal term of address for a woman
[C19: spoken version of Mistress]


or mis•sus

(ˈmɪs əz, -əs)

1. Informal. wife.
2. the mistress of a household.
[1780–90; assimilated pronoun of mistress]
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Noun1.missus - informal term of address for someone's wifemissus - informal term of address for someone's wife
married woman, wife - a married woman; a man's partner in marriage


missis [ˈmɪsɪs ˈmɪsɪz] n
(= wife) my missus, the missus → bobonne f
I'm going to do a bit of shopping for the missus → Je vais faire quelques courses pour bobonne.
thanks, missus → merci M'dame Miss World nMiss monde f


[ˈmɪsɪz] n (fam)
a. the missus (wife) → mia moglie
how's your missus? → come sta tua moglie?
b. (Brit) (term of addresss) → signora
References in classic literature ?
Why - there's awmost nobbody but has their troubles, missus.
Yes, sir, every evening; she's my eldest, and three nods from her means that the missus is a little better.
That the street held he should get away from the club before two in the morning, for his missus needed him more than the club needed him.
People don't want to go home to their missus and kids in this sort of mood.
Not hearing any movement upstairs the missus goes to the foot of stairs and shouts ''Yup''.
He was recruited by the missus in a nearby Christian town, and he came with his wife Robella and their two-year-old daughter Russel, who easily became the playmate of my grandson, Abdul Jalil.
KEITH CARTER is an awardwinning "I have creative integrity," I tell my missus after I get off the phone from my agent.
The Aryshire ace told Record Sport: "I think the missus just wants me to be her taxi driver
1 in the world, and bagged a model as his missus (right).
We said as a family, my mum, dad and missus, that we'd give it a year then see where it goes from there.
Then Scrapper shoved me out o' the way an' saved my life, Missus Jones.
Then, all of sudden, this new Murph's Missus twitter account popped up, and no-one knows who's responsible for it.