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Adj.1.mnemotechnical - of or relating to or involved the practice of aiding the memorymnemotechnical - of or relating to or involved the practice of aiding the memory; "mnemonic device"
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Effe (1977, 63) formulates the goal of this kind of didactic poetry as "nicht das docere, sondern das delectare," and Touwaide (1991, 91) likewise claims that Nicander's poems utilize the appearance of popular works with a mnemotechnical function to avail themselves of an additional facet of style.
Bernard Stiegler has argued that media forms are memory aids, tools or devices, thereby making media mnemonic, mnemotechnical or mnemotechnological (unpaginated).
Cevolini (2014: 51) speaks in a similar way about a functional change of the index: 'The transition from manuscript to printed texts triggered a functional change that worked as a selective force on indexing procedures, turning a mnemotechnical aid into a search engine of virtual memories'.
51) The devotional resonance of the mnemotechnical term hygecraeft in The Lord's Prayer III and the Metrical Psalms may signal a similar ideological concern with the internalization of the psalms as a prerequisite to efficacious prayer in Exeter Maxims.
On first reading the book, this dream may pass unnoticed (which should not happen, as after-Modernist novelists rely so heavily on a mnemotechnical reading).
These types are not mere mnemotechnical devices used by the "storytellers" in order to organize their material.
1) This field of study then necessarily concerns differences between mnemotechnical forms technologies of cultural memory and dissemination.
The magnitude and extent of the global mnemotechnical systems (technical systems of consciousness) threaten humanity far more dramatically than any previous period in human history.
Sturlese's exploration of the quadratura circuli, highlighting Bruno's differentiation from Nicholas of Cusa, to Matteoli's identification of mnemotechnical themes in the Spaccio.
For them, a mnemotechnical dictionary constructed by Felix and William Berol in 1918 might fill the bill.
According to Pliny's myth about the origin of painting, in which shadow takes on the role of mnemotechnical prop, the zones of darkness in Ghenie's works can be interpreted as a metaphor for making the absent present.
The ancient precepts had included a list of architectural backgrounds suitable for mnemotechnical use.