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A satirical imitation or burlesque of the heroic manner or style.

mock′-he·ro′ic adj.
mock′-he·ro′i·cal·ly adv.


(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) (of a literary work, esp a poem) imitating the style of heroic poetry in order to satirize an unheroic subject, as in Pope's The Rape of the Lock
(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) burlesque imitation of the heroic style or of a single work in this style


1. imitating or burlesquing that which is heroic, as in manner, character, or action.
2. satirizing the heroic style of literature: a mock-heroic poem.
3. a literary work written in mock-heroic style.
mock′-hero′ically, adv.
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Noun1.mock-heroic - a satirical imitation of heroic versemock-heroic - a satirical imitation of heroic verse
caricature, impersonation, imitation - a representation of a person that is exaggerated for comic effect


[ˈmɒkhɪˈrəʊɪk] ADJheroicoburlesco
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This last characteristic suggests that the tone of the painting as a whole is that of the mock-heroic.
In 1712, the original version of Alexander Pope's satirical mock-heroic poem ''The Rape of the Lock'' was published anonymously in Lintot's Miscellany.
Moncrieff s The March of Intellect, an exercise in the mock-heroic mode built out of an extended, and eventually wearisome, series of punning quatrains in the manner of Thomas Hood.
This is a delightful piece with memorable themes, a gently melancholy slow movement and a mock-heroic finale.
A mock-heroic bricoleur, she seems to be wryly performing her own process.
The latter topic is new, and the first chapter, "The Cook in Context" concerns the ambiguous reputation of the professional cook who, as is still the case, was a comical or mock-heroic figure as well as a respected and even treasured artisan.
Translated into English as The Trophy-Bucket: A Mock-Heroic Poem, the First of the Kind, it was well received abroad.
Waged fiercely in the Museum's hallowed halls, the mock-heroic battle in which the Messer's are deposed provides a fitting climax for the novel's spiraling cycle of mayhem.
Hence it is hardly a paradox that the most tangible aftereffect of this exhibition is a 240-page catalogue that is anything but mock-heroic in its own aspiration to permanence.
Hama Ali's letters profess his love in baroque terms and he sometimes splices mock-heroic film clips into them, underlining the letters' comic aspect.
A highlight of the meal is the Address To The Haggis, a mock-heroic poem by Burns which is recited with great gusto, culminating in slashing open the sausage-like haggis bag.