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also mock-up  (mŏk′ŭp′)
1. A usually full-sized scale model of a structure, used for demonstration, study, or testing.
2. A layout of printed matter or digital content.
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The Pasdar maritime arm last week boasted that it would sink the mockup in a naval exercise, although officials said a few months ago that the mockup was intended for use in a movie about the evils of the US Navy.
The need for high performance digital mockup with inputs from multiple different CAD applications has become critical for next generation systems engineering,” said John Sperling, Vice President of Product Management at Aras.
The two mockups apply new attractive styles of interior lighting in order to highlight the significant expansion projects that have been executed in the Two Holy Mosques.
One mockup was for the 777 nose to check critical wiring.
The only drawback was that the real fuselage was longer than the planned mockup fuselage and longer than the building.
The SVMF provides full-scale training mockups for flight crews and support personnel along with high-fidelity hardware for real-time mission support for the International Space Station and Orion Programs.
But regardless of photos, mockups, or schematics seen, there is no way to verify the design accuracy of these images.
It is clear, however, that the mockup is intended to be the Nimitz since workmen have painted a large "68" on the ship.
The mockup will feature a flat floor with a walk-in baggage compartment and a large refreshment area.
The US Navy played down the story, emphasizing that Iran was not building a real aircraft carrier and the vessel was not even a warship, just a mockup.
The 18,000-pound mockup is a full-sized replica of the Orion spacecraft currently being built at NASA's Kennedy Space Center.
Width of mockup Titanic compared to actual Titanic: The same.