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One of several synthetic, long-chain polymer textile fibers containing 35-85 percent acrylonitrile.

[mod(ified) acrylic.]
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com has another research titledNoncellulosic Synthetic Organic Fibers World Report that covers data and information on Nylon Fibers, (Except Producer Textured), Acrylic & Modacrylic Fibers, (Except Producer Textured), Polyester Fibers, (Except Producer Textured), Other Noncellulosic Manmade Fibers, (Except Producer Textured) and Producer Textured Manmade Fibers, Group (Multi) Filament.
Nomex MHP also excels in durability and value; it is more durable than FR treated cotton and other typical modacrylic blends, making it more cost effective.
wicking, silver-antimicrobial wonder-wrap made of a lightweight, treated blend of Modacrylic and Rayon.
Our internal experience using Modacrylic blended yarns to produce inherently FR fabrics is the most extensive in the FR industry.
Their fauxs are woven between two cotton base cloths with acrylic and modacrylic fibres to numb the flashpoint (technical jargon for saying it won't catch fire during the production process).
Table 55: World 15-Year Perspective for Acrylic/ Modacrylic
polyesters, man-made fibers ramie, jute, kapok, poly-amides, coir, pineapple, polyaramides, abaca, sisal, and acrylic, modacrylic.
Made of 50 percent polypropylene and 50 percent modacrylic pile, it is hand-tufted in China and retails in a 4-by-7 for $199.
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Some of the company's new products include: FR rayon, FDA-approved rayon, solution dyed fibers and modacrylic staple.
Natco displays six new designs from the Chinois collection of hand-tufted modacrylic rugs in classic designs and vibrant colorways, with a suggested retail price of $199 for a 5-by-8.