modacrylic fiber

mod′a•cryl′ic fi′ber

(ˈmɒd əˈkrɪl ɪk, ˌmɒd-)

any of various synthetic copolymer textile fibers, as Dynel, containing less than 85 percent but more than 35 percent of acrylonitrile.
[1955–60; mod(ified) acrylic]
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Based in Osaka, Japan, Kaneka Corporation manufactures Kanecaron brand modacrylic fiber.
Eurotek is a collection of European contemporary designs handtufted of modacrylic fiber.
Conventional textile fiber combined with modacrylic fiber has proved to be effective in the development of products to meet emerging new open flame flammability regulations.
These designs are handtufted using a modacrylic fiber.
com has another research titledNoncellulosic Synthetic Organic Fibers World Report that covers data and information on Nylon Fibers, (Except Producer Textured), Acrylic & Modacrylic Fibers, (Except Producer Textured), Polyester Fibers, (Except Producer Textured), Other Noncellulosic Manmade Fibers, (Except Producer Textured) and Producer Textured Manmade Fibers, Group (Multi) Filament.
Technostat is manufactured from a blend of polypropylene and modacrylic fibers that, during the manufacturing process, generate electrical charges on the fiber surface, resulting in a highly stable, coarse fiber electrostatic filter media.