modacrylic fiber

mod′a•cryl′ic fi′ber

(ˈmɒd əˈkrɪl ɪk, ˌmɒd-)

any of various synthetic copolymer textile fibers, as Dynel, containing less than 85 percent but more than 35 percent of acrylonitrile.
[1955–60; mod(ified) acrylic]
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He says most companies use "various types of barrier fabrics" such as cotton treated with boric acid or rayon treated with silica--both relatively benign chemicals--as well as fire-resistant materials such as modacrylic fiber (which contains antimony oxide, a carcinogen) and melamine resin (which contains formaldehyde).
Based in Osaka, Japan, Kaneka Corporation manufactures Kanecaron brand modacrylic fiber.
Eurotek is a collection of European contemporary designs handtufted of modacrylic fiber.
Conventional textile fiber combined with modacrylic fiber has proved to be effective in the development of products to meet emerging new open flame flammability regulations.
These designs are handtufted using a modacrylic fiber.
In addition, Master Textile is also producing fabrics with inherent flame retardant yarn made from modacrylic fibers.
Kanecaron(R) is a registered trade name of inherently flame-retardant modacrylic fibers manufactured by Kaneka Corporation, JAPAN.