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Adj.1.moderate-size - intermediate in size
sized - having a specified size
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Trimont Real Estate Capital will focus on small to moderate-size properties, with loan amounts from $3 to $20 million.
Grant found that facilities with more satisfied families also have more satisfied employees and that family satisfaction is greater in nonprofit than in for-profit facilities; in independent facilities and moderate-size chains than in other facilities; and in rural facilities than in urban and suburban facilities.
Instead of the traditional three square meals a day, add two or three substantial snacks between three moderate-size meals.
We wanted to make a moderate-size house feel as big as it could," explains architect Scott Strumwasser, who, with his partner, Mahtash Rahbar, also added a new master bedroom and bath to the rear of the house, up from 1,600 to 2,400 square feet.
And finally, NT was specifically designed to run in multiple modes: to administer a moderate-size network or to operate as a stand-alone.
Loud will lead Podium in the direction of acquisition of moderate-size wireless internet providers in Southeast Georgia.
Brachiosaurus, a moderate-size sauropod, grew to a length of 23 m and tipped the scale at around 50 tons, says Martin Sander of the University of Bonn in Germany.
The back yard is one-third grassy lawn bordered by privacy bushes; beyond that is a hillside covered with shrubs and moderate-size trees.
Shown above are nine small- to moderate-size plants with foliage or branches that are particularly long-lasting and vesatile in arrangements.
In cool weather, the tar-infiltrated ground was firm enough that even moderate-size animals could walk across it.
Moderate-size or small trees, such as birch, melaleuca, or redbud, can be grouped to screen undesirable views or break sight lines from neighbors' upstairs windows.
These ventures need large pieces of acreage even for a moderate-size company because it's a personnel-intensive business.

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