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Noun1.modern era - the present or recent timesmodern era - the present or recent times    
epoch, era - a period marked by distinctive character or reckoned from a fixed point or event
information age - a period beginning in the last quarter of the 20th century when information became easily accessible through publications and through the manipulation of information by computers and computer networks
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In exploring the varieties of natural knowledge in the early modern era, the contributors pay tribute to the work of Allen Debus, whose own endeavors cleared the way for scholars to examine subjects that were once snubbed as suitable only to the refuse heap of the history of science.
The modern era is any time from the 80s, as are my clothes.
21st century Mahan; sound military conclusions for the modern era.
UNDOUBTEDLY Eddie Sanders is a keen follower of football but is no connoisseur, as evidenced by his admiration for the much overrated and grossly overpaid English-born players of the modern era (Letters, May 8).
Or the fact that it's almost too good for the modern era of dumbed down franchise films.
Modern Era - An artist becomes eligible for induction in this category 20 years after they first achieve national prominence.
The history of war can be divided into three eras that define the balance of dominant activities between the public and private sectors: from the middle ages to the early modern era, the early-modern to the modern era, and the current post-modern era.
From Stained Glass Masterpieces of the Modern Era, by Xavier Barral i Altet, London, Thames & Hudson, 2007, [pounds sterling]32.
A feminist scrutiny of the metaphors present in the biblical tales, and how they speak both to the generations of history and to the modern era, distinguishes the meticulous tone of Having Men for Dinner; study questions to stimulate further discussion round out this excellent supplement for private, group or instructional biblical studies.
Maturity brings the real world of dating, career ambitions, the '80s drug scene, materialism, and all the hazards of the modern era.
While the modern era is covered thoroughly, more consistency of baroque music would be appreciated, such as Handel, Scarlatti and Soler.
Sarti's own research has concentrated on servants in early modern Italian households, so she must have a certain satisfaction in showing that, from antiquity well into the early modern era, familia and its multi-lingual cognates (the term permeated European language groups, whether Celtic, Germanic, Romance, or Slavic) referred to people liable to the authority of a paterfamilias.