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Noun1.modern font - a typeface (based on an 18th century design by Gianbattista Bodoni) distinguished by regular shape and hairline serifs and heavy downstrokes
proportional font - any font whose different characters have different widths
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Murata's slogan "Innovator in ElectronicsA" remains unchanged, but the typeface has been updated to a more modern font, making it easier to read and better representing progress and innovation.
I try to build bridges," says Nadine Chahine, whose work as a typographer has given her the opportunity to be a link between classical Arabic script and a more modern font that keeps the language alive and evolving.
Following a simple intro declaring "This Is Myspace" in a modern font, the demo takes us through a mock profile where easily accessible music and video selections appear in seamless tandem with user photos and comments, all comingling in what looks like a marriage between Facebook simplicity and Apple aesthetics.
The University of Denver logotype is rendered in Trajan, a modern font celebrated for its clarity, beauty and reverence for the classics.
With the new name came an opportunity to create a fresh more contemporary logo that boasts a bold, more modern font and crisp lines, Anderson said.
Kleran Fltzpatrick, creative director for Severn said, "The shorthand of the group name - the FQR - Is displayed In a bold, modern font and, we think, signals loud and clear that the group means business.
The sleek, modern font, a "humanist sans-serif," is a far cry from the jagged typewriter strokes and the workhorse basics of the early years.
For example, in the Republic of Ireland English names and instructions are in an upright modern font whereas Gaelic names are usually either in a similar font italicised or in traditional Gaelic calligraphy (especially in tourist areas).