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Experts found the modif ied 9mm double-action replica pistol only held a single bullet and occasionally misfired.
199) Loi du 5 juillet 2004 portant 1) modif, de la foi modifiee du 14 aout 2000 relative au com.
Let's evaluate approximate relative cost of the specified modification variants and accept the variant with a crank mechanism drive for unit that can be ranged other variants as: modif.
Driver Adr ian Sutil was happy the modif icat ions had given him more downforce.
Although this is evidenced by the behavior modif ication systems that characterize urban public school curricula, pedagogies are not the sole domain of educational institutions, urban or otherwise.
1) Yet further attention to discourse and representation might modif his rather benign readings of the young underclass.
Table 103: Middle East Historic Review for Methyl Methacrylate by End Use Segment - Acrylic Plastics and Resins (Cast and Extruded Sheets and Molding Powders and Resins), Surface Coatings, Impact Modif
MODIF addresses one of the most common industry problems -- patch-panel chaos.
MODIF can solve one of the most common industry problems -- patch-panel chaos.
MODIF combines the functionality of a traditional fiber distribution panel with the intelligence of a network management system to help solve one of the industry's most common problems - "patch panel chaos.
Optisphere has developed an optical service node concept which, in addition to the use of MODIF and OXC, includes a thin 10-gigabit multiplexer, called the "TEX," to promote grooming.
Unlike previous management systems that operated at the cross-connect level, MODIF operates at the optical distribution frame level.