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1. The act or process of modifying or the condition of being modified.
2. A change or a result produced by modifying: new modifications in the car's design.
3. Linguistics
a. A change undergone by a word that is borrowed from another language.
b. A phonological change undergone by a word or morpheme when it is used in a construction, as the change of will to 'll in they'll.

mod′i·fi·ca′tor n.
mod′i·fi·ca′to·ry (-kā′tə-rē), mod′i·fi·ca′tive (-kā′tĭv) adj.
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The second case, referred as modificative in the following, is computed by first extracting the current global state from the trace t, and checking for each reconfigured peer if all new interactions are reachable from its current execution state.
Bill 204, Emblems of Alberta (Franco-Albertan Recognition) Amendment Act, 2007 / Loi modificative de 2007 sur les emblemes de l'Alberta (reconnaissance du fait franco-albertain), introduced by Frank Oberle (PC, Peace River), amended the Emblems of Alberta Act by recognizing the Franco-Albertan symbol as an official emblem of Alberta.
See Code Penal Progressif: Commentaire sur la Loi Modificative du Code Penal 124-30 (Adolphe Chauveau ed.
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