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1. The act or process of modifying or the condition of being modified.
2. A change or a result produced by modifying: new modifications in the car's design.
3. Linguistics
a. A change undergone by a word that is borrowed from another language.
b. A phonological change undergone by a word or morpheme when it is used in a construction, as the change of will to 'll in they'll.

mod′i·fi·ca′tor n.
mod′i·fi·ca′to·ry (-kā′tə-rē), mod′i·fi·ca′tive (-kā′tĭv) adj.
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Even in the context of a conflict with a basic procedural right related to trial fairness, Chief Justice McLachlin's majority judgment explicitly indicates that reconciliation of competing rights claims through mutually modificatory interpretation of those rights is the preferred option for analysis of conflicting rights, with "balancing" of rights then only a last-resort option.
It also means that the specific modificatory activity referred to in the three subsidiary definitions must be specifically research-capacity-enhancement-focused.
Modificatory hypotheses never lead from reals to nonexistents; the identity of a thing shadows it wherever it goes.
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